‘Bachelor’ Fans React To Chris Harrison On Monday’s Episode

Bachelor Chris Harrison

Bachelor fans expressed surprise that Chris Harrison featured on Monday night’s episode. He stepped away from the role as host. But that only came recently. And clearly, a lot of fans expected the franchise would delete all his scenes. It all came after he clashed with Rachel Lindsay and critics deemed him racist.

Bachelor critics complain about Chris Harrison

The cancel culture kicked into full swing when Chris Harrison seemingly defended Matt James’ front-runner, Rachael for racist behavior. Already declining in popularity, the current season probably experiences a lot fewer viewers than previous ones after all the controversy. We reported at the end of January, that ABC executive producer Rob Mills spoke out about the very poor ratings of the show. We noted that “this season, the show isn’t getting nearly as many views as it previously has.”

Pulling in fewer than 5 million viewers, the season featuring the first black Bachelor seemed very disappointing. Of course, since then Bachelor Nation erupted and many of the cast called for Chris Harrison’s permanent departure from the franchise. But it seems the execs simply give him time to reflect. And certainly, those fans who expected them to already cut him out of Matt’s remaining episodes seemed disappointed.

Too much of Chris say ABC critics

On Monday’s episode, some critics on Twitter complained that ABC seems to not take the allegations of racism against Chris seriously. In fact, some of them felt they saw more of him than ever. One tweet read, “Honest to goodness this is more Chris than we’ve seen in most episodes?”

Another Bachelor critic noted sarcastically, “ABC doing a good job censoring Chris Harrison.” More than one critic noticed that and commented on how it’s weird seeing everything just carry on as normal. Another follower of the show wrote, “Still weird seeing Chris Harrison in these episodes like he’s still the wise sage.Grimacing face.”

Matt James & Rachel Lindsay

US Weekly reported that Rachel Lindsay, whose interview with Chris Harrison turned out badly for him considers hosting the “Bachelor’s After the Final Rose’ Special.” Sources told the outlet that “ABC…[spoke] to Rachel about the possibility of hosting the After the Final Rose special and they would like her to take on the role.” So far, she didn’t commit to that. But it does show that ABC won’t let Chris off lightly. So, if you think they show too much of him right now, it shouldn’t be for much longer.

Matt James also opened up about Chris Harrison. He posted up on social media about the racism and said he found it all “heartbreaking and devastating.” He also pushed for more “institutional change.”


What are your thoughts about Chris Harrison on The Bachelor on Monday’s episode? Were you surprised to see so much of him? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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