Is Andy Bassich Divorced? Age, Career, Wife, Daughter, Girlfriend, and Net worth

Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich is a television personality most famous for his appearance on the documentary series Life Below Zero. He moved to Alaska with his wife Kate Bassich but unfortunately, their marriage couldn’t last long.

Andy is one of the main casts of Life Below Zero. He is currently living in the wilderness of Alaska with his girlfriend, Denise Becker. They live near Eagle on the Yukon River with 25 sled dogs. Furthermore, read the article to learn more interesting facts on Andy Bassich’s personal and professional life.

Andy Bassich Wiki, Bio, Age

Andy Bassich’s actual age is 64 years old. He was born on 25 January 1958 in Washington, D.C, United States. He grew up with his sister in Wheaton, Maryland and belonged of Turkish descent. Andy studied at the John. F Kennedy High School. He was fascinated by fine arts but didn’t major. Some sources claimed that he didn’t pursue a college degree due to financial instability.

Andy Bassich
Andy Bassich. Image Source: Pinterest

Andy always had a strong bond with nature, but to help his parents financially, he started working as a carpenter. Later, he started raising dogs and grew a passion for musher and hunting. Finally, Andy took his grandmother’s suggestion to follow his dream and moved to Alaska to live in the wilderness. He felt Alaska as his home as he loves to live in the woods and quiet place.

Is Andy Bassich Divorced?

Yes, Andy Bassich divorced his wife, Kate Bassich, in 2016. They met at the Dawson City in 2003 for the first time and started dating. Kate visited Alaska as a tourist, where Andy worked as a riverboat captain. They married after being in a relationship for a couple of years and lived an adventurous life in Calico Bluff. They lived in the wilderness of Alaska, hunting animals, raising dogs, growing crops, and heating woods.

Kate Bassich
Andy Bassich with his ex-wife Kate Bassich and Sue Aikens. Image Source: Facebook

Sadly, their marriage couldn’t last long, and they separated in 2015. Andy used to abuse her physically and verbally, which led to their broken marriage. They finalized their divorce in 2016. Kate has a beautiful daughter from her previous relationship. However, they have successfully managed to keep their daughter out of the limelight.

Denise Becker
Andy Bassich with his girlfriend, Denise Becker. Image Source: Distractify

Currently, Andy is living together with his girlfriend, Denise Becker, in the wilderness of Alaska. Denise met Andy on a canoe trip with a Boy Scouts troop in 2016. Denise is originally from Canada and worked as a trauma nurse in Florida. Andy expressed that he couldn’t have come back to Alaska if it wasn’t for her girlfriend.

How Much is Andy Bassich’s Net Worth?

Andy rose to fame as a reality television star appearing on the documentary series Life Below Zero. He is one of the main casts of the series, and he is still maintaining his presence in the series. He earns a decent sum as a Musher and appears in the reality series. However, Andy hasn’t disclosed his actual annual salary and net worth to tabloids.

Andy Bassich
Andy Bassich was collecting vegetables. Image Source: Facebook

Some source has claimed that Andy Bassich has an estimated net worth of $250,000, and his salary from the documentary series Life Below Zero is $100,000. Additionally, Andy runs a survival camp school and offers a trek depending on the travel by boat or sled dog. Andy is still active in the wilderness of Alaska together with his trauma nurse girlfriend, Denise. Denise is also a hardworking woman and made it clear to Andy that she can survive in the wilderness.

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Learn About Career Details

Andy Bassich started his career as a carpenter and professional cabinet maker to support his parents financially. Later on, he moved to the wilderness of Alaska to pursue his passion in 1980. He struggled very hard in the beginning and lived hunting animals, gathering supplies, raising dogs, and gardening in the summertime. He lived in the Yukon River with his sled dogs and worked as a riverboat captain for almost 20 years.

Andy Bassich
Andy Bassich with his sled dogs. Image Source: Washingtonian

His career took on a successful height after appearing in the National Geography documentary series Life Below Zero in 2013. He was cast as the sixth member of the series, and he is still maintaining his consistent presence. Andy shared the screen with Sue Aikens, Agnes Hailstone, Erik Salitan, and many more. He also worked as a Musher and raised about 37 sled dogs.

Andy suffered many difficulties in the wilderness of Alaska. First, he lost everything he had built in 2009 due to the flood. Moreover, Andy suffered a serious hip injury while moving a snow machine stuck in the snow. He had to relocate to Florida for treatment as his injuries worsened. Andy took six months off and stayed together with his girlfriend, Denise. He also had muscle and bone infections.

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Andy often travels around the Alaskan wilderness with his dogs. The documentary series Life Below Zero opened many doors for him living in Alaska. As a result, he opened a survival camp school that offers cabin and outdoor classes.

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