Tammy Slaton slammed for being ‘insanely rude’ to her therapist

Tammy Slaton crying during her time in therapy

The journey to weight loss is often accompanied by personal challenges that go beyond physical transformations. Tammy Slaton, renowned for her role on the reality show 1000-lb Sisters, faced criticism for her approach to therapy sessions aimed at addressing her addiction to food and alcohol. Let’s delve into the highs and lows of Tammy’s therapy experience and the reactions it sparked among fans.

Tammy’s Reluctance to Open Up

During her time on the TLC show, Tammy sought the guidance of a therapist to confront her addiction issues. However, she found it difficult to engage and express her emotions fully. When asked about the feelings she experienced while overeating, Tammy abruptly halted the conversation, stating, “Nothing. I don’t want to talk about it.” Fans quickly labeled her behavior as “insanely rude,” leading to a heated discussion on Reddit.

Tammy Slaton crying during her time in therapy
Tammy Slaton crying during her time in therapy

Criticism from Fans

Many viewers expressed their frustration with Tammy’s dismissive attitude towards the therapist. They believed her unwillingness to answer basic questions hindered progress in her therapy sessions. One Reddit user commented, “It’s gotta be frustrating to have sessions with a 600lb 30-something-year-old who acts like a child when you ask basic get-to-know-you questions.” Another fan said, “Tammy was always insanely rude to that therapist.”

Tammy’s Resistance to Change

Some fans pointed out that Tammy’s resistance to personal growth extended beyond her therapy sessions. They highlighted her immature and sulky demeanor, emphasizing her unwillingness to put in the effort required to transform her mindset. One fan remarked, “She wants to lose weight but doesn’t want to put the work in to change her mode of thinking.”

The TLC personality used a mobile walker at one point.
The TLC personality used a mobile walker at one point.

Debate Surrounding the Therapist’s Role

While many blamed Tammy for the lack of progress, others shifted the focus to the therapist’s approach. A few fans felt that the therapist appeared rushed, impatient, and even annoyed with Tammy. The presence of cameras also raised concerns, with viewers questioning the therapist’s intentions for agreeing to be filmed during the sessions. The legality of such arrangements was even brought into question.

Unseen Progress in Therapy

Despite the dramatic moments showcased on the show, some viewers speculated that only a fraction of Tammy’s therapy sessions were aired. They hoped that more productive and beneficial conversations took place behind the scenes, leading to growth and self-discovery.

Tammy’s Emotional Struggles

Tammy tearfully opened up in a vulnerable moment about her reluctance to express her feelings. She acknowledged the challenging nature of her journey, stating, “It was a hard time for me; a lot of mental health is letting go. I don’t want to go through that all again.” Her emotional turmoil shed light on the underlying complexities she faced during the weight loss process.

Tammy Slaton’s therapy sessions on 1000-lb Sisters highlighted the difficulties she encountered while addressing her addiction to food and alcohol. While some criticized Tammy for her dismissive behavior towards the therapist, others questioned the therapist’s approach and motivations. As viewers, we can only speculate on the true extent of the progress made in therapy. Regardless, Tammy’s journey emphasizes the importance of perseverance and a supportive therapeutic environment in overcoming personal challenges on the path to well-being and weight loss.


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