What Is ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Star Eve Kilcher Up To?

Eve Kilcher, Alaska The Last Frontier

Eve Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier often stays busy on the show. The Discovery Channel star is responsible for taking care of all kinds of projects throughout the summer and fall months. She specifically focuses on gardening. Because of the climate in Alaska, she must grow enough food to last through the coldest months. She has the skills to do it though, as fans have seen on the show.

Of course, Eve has a life outside of the show too. So, what has Eve been up to lately?

Eve Kilcher shares new updates on social media

On social media, many Alaska: The Last Frontier viewers follow Eve. She and her husband Eivin share an account on Instagram. Eivin also has an account of his own.

Recently, Eve shared a photo of herself and Eivin outdoors. She wrote that he’s her “favorite adventure buddy.” You can see the mountains behind them as they smile for the camera.

Eve’s other posts feature her children, the food she’s making, and so much more. She shared a recent photo of her daughter, Sparrow Rose. Sparrow is wearing a dress and boots as she runs around in the snow. The little girl has a smile on her face as she explores.

She also shared a gorgeous photo of the red sky as the sun was rising. Fans are obsessing over the photo and can’t believe how beautiful it is.

Eve Kilcher seems to be an Alaska: The Last Frontier fan-favorite

Those who watch the Discovery Channel show really enjoy seeing what Eve’s life is like off the show. She and her husband have over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone. So, it’s safe to say that they are well-loved by their fans.

Many of the comments on the couple’s posts are very positive and uplifting. Fans are happy to get to see more of the Kilcher family’s life and hope that they continue to share updates. They love the beautiful scenery, as well as the cute photos they share of their children.

Fans also head over to Eve’s Instagram page to share their thoughts about the recent episodes of the show. They send her compliments for the things she does on the show.

In one comment, a fan writes:

“Just watched the new episode and seeing how difficult it’s been for you during the pandemic was heartbreaking…but also made me just love your heart even more. Hope you’re all continuing to stay safe and finding your happy during all of this!!! Hugs hugs hugs!!!!”

Plenty of other fans share similar thoughts and leave sweet messages for Eve to read.

So, do you like seeing what Eve Kilcher is up to? Do you follow her on social media in addition to watching her on TV? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’d like to follow Eve Kilcher on social media to see her new photos, you can find her here.

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