Why Was Shelby Stanga Arrested? Age, Career, Wife, Children, and Net Worth

Shelby Stanga

Shelby Stanga is an American television personality famous for the History Channel reality series Ax Men. He is reckoned as the Swamp man and appeared in Ax Men’s spin-off, The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man.

Shelby was born and raised in the swamps of New Orleans. He has continued logging north of New Orleans for almost 37 years. History Channel featured him in the third season of Ax Men and its spin-off, The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more exciting facts about Shelby Stanga’s personal and professional lifestyle. In addition, his death rumors.

Shelby Stanga Wiki, Bio, Age

The actual age of Shelby Stanga is 62 years as of 2022. He was born on 1 January 1960 in Bedico, Los Angeles. His single mother raised him near the swamps of Louisiana. His mother stopped him from going to school when Ku Klux Klan started conducting activities near the school premises. Instead of spending his free time playing with friends, Shelby went into the swamps of New Orleans.

Shelby Stanga
Shelby Stanga. Image Source: Pinterest

Shelby already had a boat at 16, and people started asking him to bring logs and wood from the swamp. He learned survival skills in childhood and taught his cousins, Jimy, Louis, kelly, Richard, and Johnny. They survived in the marsh of New Orleans, hunting coons, turtles, birds, fish, and gators. Shelby belongs to Scottish-American ethnic background, and his birth sign is Capricorn.

Relationship Status and Children

Reflecting on the personal life of Shelby Stanga, he is a married man. He married Donna Stanga in 2003, and they have two children. Her wife, Donna Stanga, is also featured on the History Channel reality series Ax Man. The married couple is living happily near Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. They built up a strong bond and cared a lot about the likes and dislikes of each other.

Donna Stanga
Shelby Stanga with his wife, Donna, and log-hunting dog, Willie. Image Source: Facebook

Except for his wife, Shelby doesn’t seem to have other extramarital affairs. Previously, he was rumored to be in a relationship with a girl from his hometown. He started dating her at 17, and their relationship ended when Shelby began traveling to different states. Shelby has successfully kept a borderline between his personal and professional life.

How Much Is Shelby Stanga’s Net Worth?

Shelby Stanga hasn’t revealed his annual salary and net worth to the tabloids. Thus, his earnings vary from one source to another. Some reference has claimed his net worth to be around $800 thousand, whereas other claimed it to be over $2 million. He earned a massive name for himself as a television personality but left the series as he wasn’t paid the promised amount.

Shelby Stanga
Shelby Stanga. Image Source: Amazon

Shelby is a big music fan and has an iPhone as a fancy gadget. He loves to listen to music while working in the swamps. There is no doubt that Shelby Stanga’s earnings will vary in the future as he continues his swamp journey. Shelby is currently working with twenty different companies. He has accumulated 3.5 acres of land at the edge of the lake.

Death Rumors

Shelby Stanga was rumored to be dead from the injuries he received shooting for the show. Many audiences accused the series of showing accidents and injuries to attract fans and followers. Indeed some of the casts of Ax Men are dead, but Shelby wasn’t one of them. Jimmy Smith died due to cancer in 2012, Gabe Rygaard died in a 2016 tragic road accident, and William Bart Colantuono died in a helicopter crash during the show.

Why Was Shelby Stanga Arrested?

Shelby Stanga was arrested for cutting down a Cypress tree that didn’t belong to him. He entered his neighbor’s private property with an ax and went crazy when his neighbor confronted him. Later on, his neighbor called the police to solve the matter legally.

Shelby Stanga
Shelby Stanga. Image Source: Pinterest

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Body Measurements and Social Media

Shelby Stanga stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 70 kg. Although he has an athletic body type, he hasn’t disclosed his actual body measurements to the tabloids. He has dark grey eyes and brown hair. Shelby seems to be active on Facebook rather than Twitter and Instagram. He has 165K followers on his public figure Facebook page.

Learn About Career Details

Shelby Stanga got the job of removing a cypress tree from a swamp at the age of 16. He lived in the swamp of New Orleans since he was 9. He rose to stardom after appearing in the History Channel reality series Ax men. History Channel started featuring him in the third season, and he won the heart of many audiences within a short period.

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Shelby also appeared in the spin-off of Ax men, The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man. Sadly, he quit Ax Men stating that he wasn’t paid the promised amount. Later, he appeared in The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man in 2018. Shelby worked for a dredging company before appearing in the television series. He also appeared in Man vs. Wild in 2006.

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