1000-LB. SISTERS Star Amy Slaton Flaunts 150-LB Weight Loss Amid Divorce

Amy Slaton Weight Loss

1000-LB. SISTERS Star Amy Slaton Flaunts Her Weight Loss Amid Divorce

Amy Slaton, one of the stars of the hit reality TV show “1000-LB. Sisters,” has been making headlines for her recent weight loss. The 35-year-old mother of two has lost significant weight in the past few months, and she has been showing off her new figure on social media. In a recent Instagram post, Amy posed with her sister Tammy Slaton, who has also lost significant weight, and comedian and actress Chelcie Lynn.

Amy Slaton Weight Loss Update
Amy Slaton Weight Loss Update

Tammy Flaunts Her 150-Pound Weight Loss

Tammy is flaunting her 150-pound weight loss in the new photos. She looked happy and confident in the pictures, which were taken at a comedy show. Tammy has been open about her struggles with obesity and has been working hard to lose weight. She has documented her weight loss journey on the show and on social media, inspiring many fans to make positive changes in their own lives.

Amy Slaton Weight Loss
Amy Slaton Weight Loss

Amy Shows Off Her Progress on Weight Loss

In the photos, Amy can be seen wearing a pair of sheer wide-legged pants and a long black lacy tank top that really helped show off how far she has come on her weight loss journey. Fans quickly congratulated Amy on her progress, and many commented on how amazing she looked. Amy has been working hard to lose weight and has been open about her struggles with food addiction.

The Drama of the Divorce

However, Amy’s weight loss journey has not been without its challenges. Over the last few months, she has been going through a divorce from her husband Michael Halterman. In February, The U.S. Sun first reported that Amy and Michael had split after five years of marriage. Although Amy did not take legal action to file for divorce at first, she moved out of their shared family home and in with her sister Tammy, taking the children with her following an alleged fight.

The Court Grants Temporary Joint Custody

In April, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that the judge presiding over Michael’s divorce against Amy granted them “temporary joint custody” of their children on a shared parenting schedule. According to the Kentucky court documents, Michael believes he deserves joint custody as both he and Amy have “been in a caregiver role for the children since birth.” As decided on March 22, 2023, the court must enter a “shared parenting schedule,” which will allow Amy and Michael to “maximize the amount of available parenting time.”

Amy & Michael's Custody Agreement Explained
Amy & Michael’s Custody Agreement Explained

The Ex-Couple Must Stay Away From Each Other

In addition to granting joint custody, the court ruled Michael and Amy must “remain 500 feet from one another at all times.” They are directed to “remain at least 500 feet” from each other’s properties, and all communication must be made on an app supervised by the court. The ex-1000-Lb. Sisters couple must also “not make any public statements or social media postings concerning this litigation or one another.” Lastly, Amy and Michael must file their 2022 taxes separately, with each “permitted to claim one minor child and each being solely responsible for any resulting refund of deficiency.”

Support from Fans After Amy Slaton Weight Loss

With the divorce drama, fans have been showing their support for Amy. Recently, she shared a cryptic post on social media that may have revealed how she is handling the separation. Over a video of trees in a meadow and water peeking in the distance. Amy shared a clip of the song “It’s You” by Ali Gatie. The lyrics for the song reveal: “It’s you, it’s always you


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