Ashley Selden Bio, Parents, Career, Relationship, Husband, Daughter, and Net Worth

Ashley Selden

Ashley Selden is an American reality television star most popular for her appearance in The Last Alaskans. She appeared in the reality television series alongside her husband, Tyler Selden.

Bold and Beautiful Ashley left her normal life and moved to live in the wilderness in 2006. She always dreamed of living a primitive life, and finally, her husband fullied her dream after their marriage. Ashley Selden won’t be a new name if you are a fan of The Last Alaskans. However, if you don’t have much idea about Ashley Selden, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on her personal and professional life.

More on Ashley Selden

The daughter of David and Theresa Laidig, Ashley Selden, was born on 31 July 1984 in the United States. She lived a normal life with her parents in Lake Crystal, Minnesota. Her parents originally belong to Germany and lived in Frankfurt. She joined the University of Minnesota Duluth after finishing high school. Ashley belongs to a white ethnic background and holds an American nationality.

The Last Alaskans
Ashley Selden alongside her Sled dog. Image Source: Pinterest

Moreover, Ashley never had time to explore a primitive life in her childhood day. It had only been her dream and one of the top list things to do. She only gets to explore the outdoors with family was during weekends and vacations. Even though her parents requested not to make such a bold move, she went out to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Career Overview

Talking about the professional career journey of Ashley Selden, she rose to fame with her appearance in the reality television series, The Last Alaskans. in 2006, she moved to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska alongside her boyfriend, Tyler Selden. They both knew the importance of an educational degree and graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth before moving to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Small family
Ashley Selden with her small family members. Image Source: alaskaseldens

Living in the ANWR in Alaska seemed pretty hard in the beginning. She had to live her life independently, depending on fishing, hunting, and trapping animals to sustain the lifestyle. In the beginning, she lived near the river and the woods. She lived the life she dreamed of after taking over a remote trapping camp on an arctic river in Alaska’s wild Interior. She has raised sled dogs to run trap lines during winter and sell their fur in the market.

Ashley Selden
Ashley and Tyler back at The Last Alaskan. Image Source: Twitter

Furthermore, Ashley raised those sled dogs feeding them the Salmons which she collected while fishing. Unlike other Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, she doesn’t spend her whole time out in the wilderness. She has maintained a successful balance, spending half of the time in the bush and the other half at their home outside of Fairbanks. She made a big vegetable garden and raised chickens, turkeys, and sled dogs at their home while living together with Tyler Selden.

Is Ashley Selden married? Who is her husband?

Yes, an American reality television star Ashley Selden is a married woman. She married her longtime boyfriend, Tyler Selden, after moving to ANWR in Alaska on 5 September 2008. The love birds fell in love while attending the University of Minnesota Duluth. The married couple took a vow to stand together for the rest of life. Her husband fulfilled the dream of Ashley to live a primitive life in the wilderness. Tyler is also a reality television personality appearing on The Last Alaskans alongside Ashley Selden and other residents from ANWR in Alaska.

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Except for her husband, Tyler Selden, Ashley doesn’t seem to have any kinds of extramarital relationship affairs. The Last Alaskans official page announced they were expecting a child through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She gave birth to the beautiful girl Sydney Selden. Additionally, the married couple also gave birth to a baby boy, Blaze. She is blessed with two children from her marriage to Tyler Selden. Ashley is living a hard yet happy lifestyle alongside her husband and two children, Sydney and Blaze.

How much is Ashley Selden’ Net worth?

American reality television star Ashley Selden choose primitive life over normal life in the city area. Her primitive life helped her touch the stardom appearing in the reality television series, The Last Alaskans. Previously, she also worked for the Alaska State Parks for almost three years. Ashley has accumulated a decent fortune living in the wilderness in Alaska. However, the reality television star hasn’t disclosed her actual annual salary and net worth to the tabloids.

Reality Tv Star
Ashley Selden with Taylor Selden and Sydney Selden. Image Source: The Penny Hoarder

On the other hand, some sources have claimed that Ashley Selden has accumulated an estimated net worth of $500,000. The main source of income for Ashley Selden is from the discovery reality show, The Last Alaskans. Additionally, she also earns pretty much from selling furs and taking jobs from others during summer. Sometimes she even sells skulls,  ruffs, bone chimes, earrings, and tanned fur pelts to the visitors.

Ashley Selden is still maintaining her consistent presence in the American reality television series, The Last Alaskans. Similarly, Charlie Jagow and Bob Harte are another popular cast of American reality series, The Last Alaskans.

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