Debbie’s Moroccan Dilemma: Navigating Challenges, Ultimatums, and Love on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Debbie and Oussama from 90 day fiance

Debbie Struggles in Morocco

Debbie, a 67-year-old cast member on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, faced numerous challenges after moving to Morocco to be with her partner, Oussama. Beyond the significant age gap between them, Debbie encountered various obstacles that tested her resolve and strained her relationship with Oussama. From safety concerns to differences in expectations, Debbie’s journey in Morocco was fraught with difficulties.

Debbie’s concerns about safety were apparent as she expressed discomfort with the lack of railings on the stairway in Oussama’s family home. She saw it as a hazard to her health and worried about the potential risks. In an interview, she revealed her willingness to “bribe [Oussama to] do whatever it takes” to leave the town of Khemisset, where they were living. This highlighted the extent of her discomfort and her desperation to find a solution.

Debbie and Oussama from 90 day fiance
Debbie and Oussama from 90 day fiance

Clashing Expectations and Communication Breakdown

The differences in expectations between Debbie and Oussama’s family further compounded Debbie’s struggles. She learned that Oussama’s entire family was expecting her to bring him to the United States. While Debbie had intended her move to Morocco to be permanent. This divergence in plans created tension as Debbie tried to assert her own desires and intentions.

She took the initiative to confront Oussama’s family about her intentions to live in Morocco. But was met with unresponsive expressions and resistance. This lack of understanding and support from Oussama’s family added to Debbie’s struggles as she tried to navigate her new surroundings. Moreover, when she attempted to have conversations with Oussama about their future, he shut down and refused to communicate. This breakdown in communication left Debbie feeling frustrated and unheard.

Make-or-Break Ultimatum

Debbie’s journey took a dramatic turn when Oussama accused her of having a “mental sickness” during a heated argument. He expressed anger and hurt and laid down a make-or-break ultimatum for their relationship. Oussama insisted on their plan for Debbie to bring him to the United States, where he would work. They would then start their life together. He made it clear that he would not change this plan and that if she did not accept it, their relationship could come to an end.

Debbie and Oussama from 90 day fiance
Debbie and Oussama from 90 day fiance

Debbie’s shock was evident as she received Oussama’s ultimatum, leaving the outcome of their relationship uncertain. As the episode concluded, viewers were left in suspense.Fans are eagerly anticipating how Debbie and Oussama’s struggles would be resolved in future episodes.


Debbie has encountered various challenges during her journey in Morocco on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. These challenges include safety concerns, disparities in expectations, and breakdowns in communication. The ultimatum laid down by Oussama has added further tension to their relationship, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode to see how their story unfolds. Stay tuned for updates on Debbie and Oussama’s journey. As they navigate the complexities of their long-distance relationship in a foreign land.


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