Dr. Jan Harm Pol Unknown facts, His Net Worth, Biography, Wife, and Children

Dr.Jan Pol

Dr. Jan Pol is slaying his business as a veterinarian for almost 45 years now. Although he is famous as a TV Personality, he is always true to his calling, which is helping the animals. His professional adventure is aired via the National Geographic channel from the show “The Incredible Dr.Pol”.  Pol, along with his team in rural Weid man treat animals and aid farmers to uplift their business. These acts of selflessness have elevated the doctor’s status from a mere veterinarian to a local hero. So, why does he need Television exposure? Well, broadcasting has nothing to do with his personal greed. It just helps the doctor spread his work coverage more.

Dr. Pol Wiki-Bio

Talking about his early life, the doctor was born on the 4th of September, 1942. If you recall the dates, this was the time of the second world war. He grew up in the Netherlands alongside five siblings; three sisters and two brothers. His childhood had a lot to do with his career choice as an animal doctor. As it happens, Pol’s family owned a dairy farm and maintained their family economy with this business. This kind of upbringing attracted the young Pol to have an affection for animals.

With such compassion towards his family business, the doctor initially dreamt of becoming a farmer. But one incident changed his mind and he completely ventured into the life-long journey filled with animal healing and treatment. When he was twelve years old, he helped a veterinary doctor deliver piglets. This might sound weird, but this incident ignited the veterinary passion inside him. Taking this fire inside him, he enrolled at Utrecht University and graduated magna cum laude with a DVM degree.

Love Life and Relationship

Relationships require care and understanding so that it can endure the numerous hurdles that come along the way. Dr. Pol is pretty straightforward when it comes to marital relationships or his profession. He is maintaining a fifty-year long association with his wife Diane Pol. I mean, the world is filled with examples of bad affairs and there are thousands of reasons for a relationship to go wrong. In the case of Pol, all these trials are just another reason to strengthen his marital bonding.

Dr. Jan Pol and his wide Diane Pol
 Instagram: Dr. Pol and his wife Diane Pol

Pol’s love goes back to his high school days. He attended Mayville High School as an exchange student in 1961. That was the time he met his future wife Diane. Yes, the two are high school sweethearts. Their relationship is sort of like the love stories you see in movies. How? Well, after young Pol returned to the Netherlands, he wrote letters to his sweetheart and this helped them flourish their bonding.

Finally, the two got married in 1967 and started to live in the Netherlands. During this time, the doctor completed his education. He graduated as a licensed Veterinary doctor in 1970. Throughout the years, both the partners have complimented each other very well. They have completed fifty years of togetherness. Pol and his wife have adopted three children, a son Charles Pool, and daughters Kathy Pol and Diane Jr.

Dr. Jan Pol Net Worth:

Dr. Pol is a Veterinarian as per his calling. So, there is no doubt that the guy earns the majority of his assets from this profession. According to 2019 statistics, he manages an estimated net worth of $1 million. The guy owns Pol Veterinary Services alongside some specialists in Weidman, Michigan. To this day, he has attended some 19,000 clients and the experience has turned him into a family figure in his local area. As you can already tell, years of fieldwork has taken its toll on his body along with age and other factors. But still, the guy works tirelessly to ensure the safety of the livestock in his locality.

As it happens, he runs a Veterinary hospital with his wife and practice manager Diane. The institution has been running its business since 1981. Prior to this, Pol practiced medicine in Harbor Beach, Michigan. After gaining some experience from another place for almost ten years, he initiated his hospital. 

In addition to his doctor business, the guy also takes home an impressive sum from his acting profession. Acting in a sense that he actively participates in the TV series “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. His son, Charles works is the person who first thought of showcasing the amazing skills of his father to the world via a Television series. He also supports the crew as the co-executive producer. 

Interesting Facts on the Dr. Jan Pol:

  • Dr. Pol loves collecting cars. Some of his prized possessions are a 1937 Rolls Royce, a 1981 “Back to the Future” DeLorean, and a 1999 Plymouth Prowler.
  • He is licensed to practice his medical professionalism in the state of Michigan and the Netherlands.
  • The guy offers his veterinary services and time to local 4-H clubs throughout central Michigan.
  • Like thousands of other people, he is afraid of heights and loves soccer as his favorite sport.
  • The doctor is bilingual and can speak four languages- Dutch, English, German, and French.


Name: Jan-Harm Pol (Dr. Jan Pol)
Place of Birth Netherlands
Age 75 
Birth date 4th of September, 1942
Occupation Reality TV actor, Veterinarian
Net worth $ 1 Million
Wife Diane Pol
Kids 3, Charles Pol, Kathy Pol, Diane Jr.



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