Is Ryan Carr Single? Age, Career, Relationship, Body Measurements, and Net Worth.

Ryan Carr

Ryan Carr is a renowned television personality mostly popular for his appearance in the TLC hit series 90 Day Fiance. He appeared in the series alongside Stephanie Davison.

Ryan belongs to Belize, and he met Stephanie Davison while she was on vacation. Despite their age gap, they developed a strong bond, and their chemistry was instant. Later on, they applied for a K-1 visa. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts about Ryan Carr’s personal and professional lifestyle.

Ryan Carr Wiki, Bio, Age

The actual age of Ryan Carr is 28 years old as of 2022. He was born on 1 May 1994 on the Belizean island of Caye Corker. He grew up with his four siblings, Jeena Bernard, Isha Jenecia Bernard, Rayford Bernard, and Steven Bernard. Ryan and his siblings were brought up in a religious household. Some sources claimed that his mother, Dorla Bernard appears to be in a relationship with Leroy Domingo.

Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr at Caribbean Fusion Brewing Company. Image Source: Facebook

Pretty private person Ryan Carr hasn’t talked much regarding his personal life and childhood. Ryan seems to be an educated person, but he hasn’t disclosed his academic qualifications to the tabloids. Moreover, his sisters, Jeena and Isha Jenecia, attended the University of Belize. His brother Rayford Bernard works at Sunrise Boat Tours and Charters.

Is Ryan Carr Single?

Reflecting on the personal life of Ryan Carr, he is possibly single. He was in a romantic relationship with Stephanie Davison, and they appeared in the TLC hit series 90 Day Fiance. However, Stephanie claimed they had already broken up in August 2020 before the series started filming. She continued the series only to promote her Skin Envy clinic business.

Stephanie Davison
Ryan and Stephanie. Image Source: Instagram

Stephanie and Ryan met in Belize when she arrived there for a vacation. Despite their age difference, their chemistry clicked immediately. They decided to get married without any hesitation and applied for a K-1 visa so that they can live happily together. Ryan has an easy-going personality, and women are attracted to him because of his good looks. Thus, Stephanie had a doubt that they might be rushing to make a big decision.

She also thought that Ryan only used her for money as she had always supported him financially. Afterward, they finally ended their affair during the coronavirus pandemic. They were engaged and waiting until December 2021 to void their engagement. Besides Stephanie, Ryan also dated Roxanna Mahler previously.

How Much is Ryan Carr’s Net Worth?

Ryan rose to stardom after appearing in the TLC unscripted hit series 90 Day Fiance. The hit series has opened many opportunities for Ryan and started small moves towards modeling gigs and branded deals. However, Ryan Carr hasn’t disclosed his actual annual salary and net worth to the tabloids. Some source has claimed his net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand.

Stephanie Davison
Ryan Carr and Stephanie Davison. Image Source: Facebook

TLC hit series 90-Day Fiance pays an average salary of $14,500 per episode to their cast. Thus, we can assume Ryan also earns the same. He is only 28 as of 2022, and there is no doubt that his earnings and net worth vary in the future with his successful career growth.

Social Media

Ryan Carr is active on Facebook and Instagram. His Facebook fan page was created on December 2, 2022, and it has amassed more than 1100 followers. Similarly, he has 3,927 followers on Instagram. Ryan doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter and YouTube.

Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr. Image Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Ryan Carr’s height is 5 feet and 11 inches, and he weighs about 78kg. He stands 1.8m in meters and weighs about 171lbs pounds. His body is covered with various tattoos, and women are easily attracted to his good looks. Ryan’s height and weight perfectly match his body measurements. However, the 90-Day Fiance star hasn’t revealed his actual body measurements.

Learn About Career Details

Talking about the career journey of Ryan Carr, he rose to stardom after appearing in the TLC unscripted hit series 90 Day Fiance. He joined in its eighth season alongside his then-girlfriend, Stephanie Davison. The hit series featured the overall love story of Ryan Carr and Stephanie Davison.

Watch: Stephanie Gives Ryan A Bunch Of Stuff

Ryan never talked about his professional career with the tabloids. Some sources mentioned he worked in a technical field before joining the TLC hit series. Jovi Dufren, Zied Hakimi, and Andrew Kenton are other popular casts of 90 Day Fiance. TLC opened up many opportunities for Ryan, and he started pursuing a career in modeling gigs and branded deals.

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