Roloff Family Slammed For Being ‘Tone-Deaf’ Amid Pandemic


The Roloff family is under fire for how they’ve been living their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic. Several of the family members have been out and about, even with government restrictions and guidelines. They don’t appear to be socially-distancing from their friends and family. So, Little People, Big World fans have started to weigh in, and they’re calling the family out over it all.

Little People, Big World fans call the family ‘tone-deaf.’

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the Roloffs have been seeming to ignore the guidelines suggested by health officials. And they have shared many examples of this on their social media pages.

For one, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff held a large birthday party for their son Bode. Similarly, Zach and Tori Roloff hosted a birthday party for their daughter Lilah.

At Lilah’s birthday party, Tori made up posters that read, “You came to my birthday during a pandemic?! You must love me!” Instead of fans thinking that the photo was cute or funny, they were upset with Tori for being “tone-deaf.” In the background of Matt’s photo, you can see Amy Roloff without a mask.

Matt Roloff Instagram
Matt Roloff Instagram

To this, one fan replied, “You might think it’s wonderful that everybody loves the baby so much to get together for her birthday. It is actually stupid that everyone doesn’t love each other enough to stay away during such a dangerous time with Covid.”

Other followers are sharing similar sentiments about the photo. Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like fans are happy about the whole thing.

In one photo, Audrey took Bode to Roloff Farms to visit his grandpa Matt. Though Audrey’s wearing a mask, she doesn’t have it pulled over her nose as she should, fans point out. Plus, Roloff Farms is a busy place during pumpkin season, so fans think she should be extra cautious. One of Matt’s followers writes, “Way to wear mask wrong mom ??? SMH 😷”

The Roloff family members have large followings on social media.

If you’re a fan of the family, you may follow them on social media. They are particularly active on Instagram, but you can find them on other platforms as well. This is part of the problem that fans have with the family not following the guidelines for the coronavirus. They all have a large platform, so they are negatively influencing their followers, fans say.

Fans are also surprised that the family members continue to post pictures of themselves out and about, even after receiving backlash.

Fans have seen many examples of the family living their lives normally amid Covid-19. They have been traveling and hanging out with friends and family.

Some fans are defending the Roloffs and pointing out that they should be able to do what they want. But others are concerned about their wellbeing and the influence they have on others.

So, what do you think of the Roloff family’s actions amid the pandemic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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