Sex Education Season 3 Ending Explained. Will There Be Season 4?

British screenwriter Laurie Nunn created teen comedy-drama Sex Education for Netflix. Netflix aired its first season on 11 January 2019, second season on 17 January 2020, and third season on 17 September 2021. It won the British LGBT Awards for Metro Media Moment in 2020. This might be a spoiler alert for some fans who haven’t watched the latest season of Sex Education.

Sex Education Season 4

Sex Education is one of the most-awaited, strong critical acclaim series on Netflix. Netflix just aired its third season, and fans are already curious about season 4. Learning the excitement of fans and followers, Netflix had renewed the fourth season.

Sex Education
Sex Education. Image Source: Collider

Can we expect the fourth season of Sex Education? Yes, we can expect the fourth season looking at the moments of the third season finale. In addition, fans also loved the relationship between Otis, played by Asa Butterfield and Maeve, played by Emma Mackey.

Netflix will probably look out for the rating of the third season before making any decision regarding its fourth season. However, fans can expect official updates regarding the fourth season in October 2021. More updates regarding Sex Education are posted on their official Instagram, and it has amassed 3.9 million followers.

Moordale School
Sex Education to return for the fourth season. Image Source: Instagram

Netflix consistently aired the first and the second season in January 2019 and 2020. However, the third season was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and aired in September 2021. If everything goes right according to the plan, we can expect the fourth season in September 2022. The fourth season is essential to continue the storyline between Otis and Maeve that ended in the third season.

Season 4 Casts

All the casts members from the previous season will maintain their presence in the fourth season. However, Maeve’s involvement is uncertain as she moves to the United States, leaving Otis and Moordale School. Nevertheless, she is one of the lead characters of the series, so hopefully, she remains central to the story in the fourth season. In addition, fans and followers might get to see some more new faces if the series featured additional moments from the United States.

Casts of Sex Education. Image Source: Cosmopolitan

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Story Prediction of Fourth Season

The fourth season of Sex Education is probably going to be the romantic relationship between Otis and Maeve. The duo confessed their feeling and shared a romantic kiss in the rain at the end of the third season. So naturally, fans were thrilled to see that moment, but their happiness didn’t last for long.

Sex Education. Image Source: The Teal Mango

Maeve found a better study opportunity and moved to the United States. The fourth season will reveal if the love birds can keep up with the long-distance relationship or end up eventually? Besides Otis and Maeve, the fourth season of Sex Education will also feature the relationship between Adam and Eric. However, the main question is, what will happen to Moordale School? Do the students have to search for another school, or will the Moordale School be saved?

Season 3 overview

The third season of Sex Education had so many ups and down moments with a cliffhanger ending. Maeve and Otis finally confessed their feeling for each other, whereas Eric and Adam broke up.

Sex Education
Sex Education. Image Source: IMDb

Eric broke up with Adam so that he could explore his true identity. Maeve had to leave Otis for a better study opportunity that she got in the United States. Jean and Jakob’s relationship also faced complications, and Jean found out he wasn’t the father of a baby.

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The investors of the Moordale Secondary School decided to pull out their funding from the school. Thus, Moordale is at the stage of collapsing due to the lack of funding. The new headteacher is appointed to get Moordale Secondary School back on track.

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