Tom Hanks 5 Best Films For All

Tom Hanks 5 Best Film
Tom Hanks 5 Best Films
Tom in the film Cast Away (Photo: Ist)

The shocking news comes from famous Hollywood star Tom Hanks. The 63-year-old actor has just announced that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, tested positive for the Coronavirus.

He is known as a talented actor. He has played various films and roles for a long time. The following is a row of the best films ever starring the actor from Concord, California.

1. Philadelphia:

The name Tom Hanks began to be taken into account in the world film industry when playing in the Philadelphia film. This film also led Tom to win his first Oscars Cup.

In the film released in 1993 Tom Hanks duets with Denzel Washington. The slick appearance of both then reap praise from film critics.

2. Forrest Gump:

The name of Tom Hanks cannot be separate from the legendary film titled Forrest Gump. This film also finally made Tom win the Oscars Cup two or two times in a row.

Tom Hanks plays the role of Forrest Gump, an ordinary person who has limited intelligence but can be a huge success. This is one of Tom’s best films because he is able to bring out his best acting skills.

3. Cast Away:

Stranded on an island and have to survive long enough is the main narrative taken from the film Cast Away. This film is also one of the best films of Tom Hanks.

Many people praised Tom Hanks’s appearance here because he could convey the sad feelings of someone who was stranded on a foreign island and try not to be desperate to return home.

4. Toy Story:

Not only good at acting but the quality of his’ voice over also turns out to be above average. Woody’s figure in the film Toy Story filled with vocal by Tom.

The character of his round and warm voice was able to make many people amazed. Woody is a toy figure and a great leader. Tom finally fills Woody’s vocals for four Toy Story films.

5. Captain Phillips:

Actually there are many other Tom Hanks films that should include in this list. Saving Private Ryan, Bridge of Spies, Sully, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, or even The Terminal is unforgettable works from Tom Hanks. But praise still must give for his role in the film Captain Phillips.

In this film, he plays Captain Phillips, a captain whose boat hijack by pirates in Somali waters. This film is based on a true story. This drama film is full of high tension because of the tension that built successfully displayed well by the acting riveting the actors.

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