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Why Mountain Men Rich Lewis Quit? Career, Relationship, Wife, Children, Net Worth, and Body Measurements

Reality television star Rich Lewis is one of the most popular casts of the History Channel reality television series Mountain Men. He started appearing in the second season of Mountain Men and continued till its sixth season.

If you are a fan of the Mountain Men series featuring people living extraordinary lives, then you must be familiar with Rich Lewis. The series mostly focuses on the daily lives of people living in remote areas of the USA. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Rich Lewis’s bio, career, relationship affairs, wife, children, net worth, and body measurements.

More on Rich Lewis

American reality star Rich Lewis was born in January 1954 in Idaho, United States. However, Lewis seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t revealed much information regarding his early life and childhood. Lewis belongs to white ethnic background and holds American nationality. Looking at the personality of reality star Rich Lewis he seems to be an educated person but hasn’t disclosed any information on his educational background.

Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis. Image Source: Pinterest

Lewis builds up an interest to be an outdoorsman looking at his father and grandfather. They had a house in the mountains and lived there with their families. He followed his interest in wild things, which turned out to be his professional career.

Career Overview

Rich Lewis left his hometown and settled in the Ruby Valley in southwest Montana. He started living in a remote area surrounded by mountains, hunting, and exploring the wilderness. He survived in the mountains hunting elk, and his main hunting target is mountain lions. Lewis earned the name mountain lion tracker and hunter for his dangerous jobs. He even earns money in return for protecting villagers and their livestock in Ruby Valley.

Mountain Men
Rich Lewis. Image Source: eceleb-gossip

Lewis has always skipped death in this dangerous job. However, some dogs in his couldn’t do so. His favorite dog, Roxie, died in the wilderness after a mountain lion showed up in front of them, surprisingly. Later on, Lewis appeared on the History Channel reality series Mountain Men which helped him gain massive name and fame. He started appearing in the second season of the Mountain Men and maintained his consistent presence till its sixth season.

Moreover, Lewis appeared alongside other Mountain Men regular casts, including Tom Oar and Eustace Conway. Unlike Lewis, they appeared in the first season of Mountain Men, and they are still maintaining their presence in the reality series. In 2017, Lewis quit the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. The main reason for quitting the series was his age. He was getting too old to track down and hunt mountain lions. Overall, Lewis appeared in 83 episodes of Mountain Man before quitting the series. History Channel released two more seasons of Mountain Men after Rich Lewis left the series.

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Lewis is a helpful person and is often seen helping neighbors. His neighbor Cory had a lion in his yard, so to defend himself and his family, Lewis taught Cory basic moves to track lion moves. Similarly, mountain lion hunter also seeks helps from his neighbors. His neighbors helped him to defend his own house from a mountain lion invading his backyard.

Is Rich Lewis married? Who is his wife?

Yes, reality star Rich Lewis is a married man. He married Diana, and the married couple is living happily in Ruby Valley in southwest Montana. His wife, Diana, left everything behind to support his husband’s dream and settled in Ruby Valley. Occasionally, Diana also appeared in the Mountain Men series, helping his husband in the Alaskan wilderness. Although the married couple is almost together for more than 25 years, they haven’t revealed anything regarding their children. Some sources claimed that they have many children, but they moved out and lived separately.

Lewis Family
Rich Lewis with his wife Diana. Image Source: thecelebsinfo

Rich Lewis’s personal life isn’t in the limelight as his professional career journey is. Pretty private person Rich Lewis hasn’t disclosed much information on his married lifestyle and children. Except for his wife Diana, Lewis doesn’t seem to have any other extramarital relationship affairs. The married couple is living a happy life with no rumors of their separation. Currently, they reside in Ruby Valley, raising cows and horses.

How much is Rich Lewis’s net worth?

Although Rich Lewis started his professional career independently, leaving everything behind in his hometown, he has accumulated a good fortune. The estimated net worth of reality star Rich Lewis is $300 thousand. He owns a truck and a house in the Ruby Valley in southwest Montana. Mountain lion tracker and hunter receive some sum to protect villagers and their livestock in Ruby Valley.

Mountain Men
Rich Lewis. Image Source: Pinterest

Moreover, Rich Lewis’s appearance in the reality television series Mountain Men helped him accumulate decent net worth. Mountain Men provides an average salary of $3500 per episode to their regular casts. However, salary figures can often vary depending on the importance and value of the casts.

Mountain Men
Rich Lewis just missing some marshmallows. Image Source: Facebook

Body Measurements

American reality star Rich Lewis stands 1.8m tall and weighs about 176lbs. However, the mountain lion hunter hasn’t disclosed his actual body measurements to the tabloids. He has a unique clothing style, and he is famous for decorating his hats with the fangs and claws of predators he killed. Additionally, he adds multi-colored dice to his hats, believing that brings positive luck. Moreover, Lewis has bright blue eyes and curly light brown hair.

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