’90 Day Fiance’ Andrew Caught Out By Fans Telling Lies?

90 Day Fiance Andrew caught in a lie

90 Day Fiance fans think they caught Andrew telling lies. During the new season of the TLC show, fans heard him boast to his mom about finding a loophole for Amira to get into the USA during COVID-19. But now he denies he ever researched the loophole. Did fans just catch him out? Or, is the allegation a bit of a stretch?

90 Day Fiance Andrew pressures Amira

COVID-19 brings health issues to many people. Plus, lockdown precautions make travel a lot harder than in the past. Amira, half French, half Egyptian, who lives in France hates the place. And she claims she never felt happy in the country. So, it seems that she jumped at the chance of life in the USA with Andrew. They met via a dating app. And Andrew lives in LA. Most TLC fans know California seems particularly strict with lockdown regulations. Potentially, Amira can’t use her K1-Visa before it expires.

Not to worry though, Andrew feels confident about getting her in. TV Insider noted that he boasted “to his mother that he’s good at “finding loopholes” and explains his plan.” He suggested that¬† Amira “meet him in Mexico.” Then they can “quarantine there for 14 days,” before crossing into the USA.” In fact, fans heard Amira say her 90 Day Fiance man researched it via a visa group on social media. However, he denied it in an Instagram Story.

John Yates fans call Andrew out as telling lies

Blogger John Yates found a now-deleted post by Andrew in his Instagram Stories. He then shared it on his own Instagram account. In that Story, Andrew declared that he never went onto a visa site to research any loopholes. In fact, he wrote, “Someone else was active.” Mexico loophole was not my discovery.” Well, TLC fans think he certainly lied about that. However quite why, seems unfathomable.

One 90 Day Fiance fan said about Andrew, “I just watched this episode for the first time yesterday and he explicitly said he figured it out.”

Another one wrote, “I don’t understand ppl. You were filmed saying it explicitly. More than once. How on earth do you then post on your stories that you never did that? Or said you did that? What is going onnnnnnn 😳?”

This critic of Andrew noted, “He even said another French girl got to Mexico safety and used this loophole sigh no issues…”

Meanwhile, other 90 Day Fiance fans think Andrew comes off as dodgy. Not to mention “cringeworthy.”

90 Day Fiance Andrew caught in a lie
Andrew via John Yates | Instagram

Andrew seems suspect, 90 Day Fiance fans think

Possibly, fans think Andrew might be a bit dodgy because of his job, He runs a daycare center with his mom. Plus, he describes himself as a loner. Also, he never entered into a serious relationship before. But all of a sudden, he falls head-over-heels for a woman from France? Already, critics think he harbors some underhand objective.

Now 90 Day Fiance Andrew seemingly got caught in a lie, reservations by fans might actually be valid. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. That’s a terrible lie. To sneak a person in a country whose death rates due to covid19 are alarming and stricter restrictions are hard to penetrate is more horrifying. That lady should be prepared for a tough future with such a person he can get her in big trouble some day. Liars are the most deadly people.

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