‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Claims MTV Never Fired Her

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans MTV

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans left MTV under a cloud of media hype. It came after David Eason killed their pup, Nugget. Recall, in the fallout of that, her kids Jace, Ensley, and Kaiser were removed from her. For months, she fought for their custody in court. Naturally, everyone believed MTV fired her because David allegedly beat the little dog to death in front of the kids. However, Jenelle now denies that they ever fired her.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans about reality TV return

A celebrity for many wrong reasons, Jenelle still hopes for a return to television. In fact, throughout summer, she hinted on her Instagram about something coming soon. Actually, many of her 2.8 million followers still hope for that. While she garners a lot of hate and trollers, others love that she makes an effort these days. She and David successfully reconciled following their many splits. And, she often shares how her mom Barbs seems happier with David Eason as well.

Naturally, trolls and haters of the Teen Mom alum hope Jenelle Evans falls down a deep hole and stays there. In fact, The Hollywood Gossip reported that even her Christmas family photo saw them roasted. Well, it’s the Christmas season, a time for peace and love, so we won’t revisit all the hateful comments about the family. Needless, to say, while trollers hope she never returns to MTV, she actually might pop up elsewhere in 2021.

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Christmas Photo
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Deleted podcast reveals MTV never fired Jenelle

This Family Tree podcast spoke with Jenelle last week, and The Ashley’s Reality Roundup noted that backlash later resulted in the removal of it. Nevertheless, the outlet grabbed it before the delete button took it away. While Jenelle sounded grateful for the celebrity that she became with MTV, she claimed that she clashed with the network over bad editing. In fact, she feels that she and David featured only in negative scenes.

The Teen Mom alum also noted that she still holds a valid contract with the network. Plus, Jenelle Evans claimed that initially, MTV only dropped her for a “single season.” But, the callback never came. While The Ashley’s sources suggest her contract expired ages ago, she claimed, “I’m still under contract until March, when I can think about speaking to any networks.” Talking about landing a spot on a different network, Jenelle feels audiences might show interest in her current lifestyle on “The Land.”

Raw but peaceful life in hoped-for reality show

Jenelle wouldn’t mind revealing some of the negatives in her life on “The Land.” She noted that sometimes, as many couples do, she and David Eason might fight. And if a network covers that, she’s okay with it. She said that sort of incident is real. But, any network that signs her up must not only push the negative all the time.

Actually, the kids seem happy on the small farm amidst the goats, pigs, and dogs. Barbs visits the Teen Mom alum often. And Maryssa, David’s daughter, also features in many videos and photos on Instagram. No doubt, her many loyal fans wouldn’t mind watching Jenelle Evans and kids out and about with less drama that they saw on MTV.

If she lands a show next year. will you tune in and watch it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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