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Andrea Dian, Make Your Style Always Enthusiastic

Almost a week Andrea Dian was isolated in a government referral hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus COVID-19. Her enthusiasm for recovery also deserves a thumbs up.

Every day Andrea Dian is always cheerful, as well as being treated isolated. Visible from the solid and outfit that is used for daily activities.

As reported by thecelebwatch from Instagram @andreadianbimo, thecelebwatch also briefly reviewed Andrea Dian’s favorite outfit. Come see!

Cheerful expression with a red jacket:

Photo: Source

Andrea Dian always appears all out in dressing. Although she only matched the red jacket and black dress, Andrea Dian showed an expression of enthusiasm. Seeing the style of clothing this one is pretty huh!

All in white, beautiful maximum:

Photo: Source

Andrea Dian also looks beautiful and simple, when matching white crop top and matching color pants. Even cooler she adds white sneakers, also holds a matching white clutch. Her simple makeup, plus her hairstyle that was tied up, made her beautiful charm increasingly radiated.

Colorful style:

Photo Source

Andrea Dian has also paired fashion with colorful shades. She matched a short sleeve shirt with shades of blue with a gray crop top. Even cooler, she was wearing orange cargo pants. Really neat!

More feminine with a mustard yellow dress:

Andrea Andrea Dian’s style is also simple. But this time Andrea Dian, who likes the sporty look, chose a more feminine style. She wears a yellow mustard dress with white sneakers. Gosh, how beautiful.




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