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Cindy Lewis Bio, Career, Relationship, Husband, Daughters, and Net Worth

Cindy Lewis is an American reality television star most popular for her appearance in the Discovery reality series, The Last Alaskans. Also, she is a celebrity wife of reality star Ray Lewis. The Last Alaskans reality series featured them in their first and second series.

The Lewis family is one of the few survivors living in the wilderness of Alaska even after the US government banned human occupation in the refuge in 1980. Cindy suffers from the genetic condition Blepharophimosis, ptosis, epicanthus inversus syndrome causing droopy eyelids and abnormal growth of the eye’s opening. You might be familiar with the Lewis family if you have watched The Last Alaskans’ first and second seasons. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Cindy Lewis’s personal and professional life.

More on Cindy Lewis

American reality television star Cindy Lewis seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t revealed much information regarding her early life. In fact, Cindy hasn’t even disclosed her actual date of birth to the tabloids. Thus, the actual age of Cindy is still a mystery to her fans and followers. She was born and raised in Port Huron. Cindy holds an American nationality. She is the daughter of Marjorie Pearson and grew up with a brother Bob Pearson and sisters Kim Almendarez and Katie Miron.

Cindy Lewis
Cindy Lewis chopping wood with an ax in Alaska. Image Source: Animal Planet

Moreover, Cindy didn’t stick to one high school in childhood. She studied at Michigamme Elementary School in Michigan, Chippewa Middle School in Minnesota, and Central Middle School in Michigan. She followed the dream of her husband Ray Lewis and traveled to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Career Overview

Talking about the professional career journey of Cindy Lewis, she rose to fame after appearing in the American reality television series, The Last Alaskans. Initially, Animal Planet premiered The Last Alaskans reality series on May 25, 2015. Later on, it was premiered on Discovery Channel after its first season on April 12, 2016. Cindy is living the primitive life in the wilderness of Alaska since June 1, 1983. She survived all the difficulties faced in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge alongside her husband, Ray Lewis.

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Currently, Cindy is 62 years old, yet she is still living the primitive life in Alaska. She is living happily with her husband and their youngest child, Sarah Lewis, in a houseboat. The second season of the reality series featured Ray Lewis building a houseboat to live in. Ray is a free soul and always loved the idea of freedom, going wherever you wanted to go.

The loved birds are surviving facing the adventure of the Alaskan wilderness for almost 38  years. Her husband runs a trapline from 25 to 30 miles and hunts in the winter. Cindy’s sister, Kim Almendarez, once visited her in Alaska, which made Kim’s eyes filled with tears seeing the difficulties out in the wilderness. She expressed, it’s a different lifestyle.

Cindy Lewis
Cindy Lewis with her daughters. Image Source: Pinterest

Furthermore, the fans of the Lewis family were worried after they weren’t featured on the third and fourth series of The Last Alaskans. Later on, the producers explained they were living in a houseboat traveling to different places, and it was hard for them to keep their traces.

Is Cindy Lewis married? Who is her husband?

Yes, American reality star Cindy Lewis is a married woman. She married Ray Lewis. However, the married couple hasn’t disclosed any information regarding the marriage. Her husband, Ray Lewis, is also a reality television star appearing alongside Cindy Lewis in The Last Alaskans. Cindy and Ray have three children, Molly Lewis, Emma Lewis, and Sarah Lewis. Except for her husband Ray, Cindy doesn’t seem to have other extramarital relationship affairs.

The Lewis family
Cindy lewis alongside her family. Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, their eldest daughter Molly is living in southern Oregon, working as a wilderness guide. Also, she worked for an Alaskan Christian camp and retreat center for children, Camp Li-Wa as their counselor and riding instructor. Likewise, their second daughter Emma is working with Charlie Jagow‘s sister Jonna and the duo is preparing the Yukon 300 race. Currently, their youngest daughter Sarah is living with them, joining their adventure. Just as Cindy, their daughters also suffered from the genetic condition Blepharophimosis, ptosis, epicanthus inversus syndrome. They were even trolled on social media for their appearance due to epicanthus inversus syndrome.

How much is Cindy Lewis’s net worth?

American reality television star Cindy Lewis is living in the Alaskan wilderness alongside her husband, depending on hunting and trapping animals since 1983. Her husband also served as a heavy equipment operator during summertime in Fairbanks. Cindy’s professional career took a successful path after appearing in the reality television series, The Last Alaskans. Although Cindy is living a primitive life in the Alaskan wilderness, she has accumulated good fortune. However, Cindy hasn’t disclosed her actual annual salary and net worth to the tabloids.

The Last Alaskans
Cindy Lewis with her husband, Ray Lewis. Image Source: Thecelebinfo

On the other hand, the Discovery reality series has provided wages between $1500 to $3000 per episode to their casts. Besides appearing in the reality series, Alaskan refugees’ major source of income is hunting fox, wolves, lynx, and selling their fur in the nearby town. The Lewis family also found the tusk along the Alaskan river. The Lewis family appeared in the first and second seasons of the reality series The Last Alaskans. Ray Lewis hasn’t disclosed his net worth to the tabloids, just like his wife, Cindy Lewis. Similarly, read more interesting facts on other casts of the Discovery reality series, Ashley Selden, Edna Korth, and Krin Nelson.




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