Gucci Makeup Contest

Gucci Makeup Contest Controversy

Gucci Makeup Contest Controversy
Gucci’s makeup ad reaps controversy when reliable British photographer Martin Parr becomes Gucci’s fashion house choice for making mascara advertisements with the LObscur brand. Photo: Specials.

Reliable photographer from Britain, Martin Parr became Gucci’s fashion house choice to create the latest mascara make up advertisement with the L’Obscur brand. where this ad features a New York punk musician, Dani Miller. In the photo, Miller smiles with his teeth spaced. The ad shows black and thick mascara feathers, with natural eyebrows. But unfortunately, the ad is actually reaping the controversy. Quoted a long time by The Guardian, one of the citizens commented on the social media Facebook Gucci.


This will definitely not sell their mascara. It looks like she is wearing an old mascara he found at the bottom of a drawer. Many disagreed with Miller’s appearance in the advertisement. Specifically, the missing lateral incisors – on the grounds that he should not be a model because her appearance was too conventional. Doctors cannot be doctors if they are not smart. Models cannot be models if they are not beautiful. That’s how it works, “wrote an Instagram resident.

While others say, I surprised by the response of some people here. People openly call for ‘real’ women to be used in their advertisements, but when they do, everyone says bad things.

This is Gucci’s second commercial in collaboration with Miller and Parr (the first is an advertisement for lipstick, and published in the summer of 2019). At that time, Miller talked about his feelings about his appearance by saying, “As you grow up, you experience evolution to overcome insecurities and healing from being bullied or the intense pressure that suits traditional beauty styles. However, the presence of Gucci ads makes me feel comfortable and proud to be myself.

There is room for everyone to be themselves, even in the world of beauty and fashion! May it inspire everyone including young people to love their habits. ” she added.

Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, said he designed the £ 30 mascara for authentic people who use makeup to tell the story of their freedom. We are looking for a somewhat eccentric personality who really wears their makeup this way.

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