World Fashion Brands Fight Corona Virus, from Prada to Zara

World Fashion Brands Fight Corona Virus
A number of world fashion brands come to fight the coronavirus. After Gucci made a million masks, now Prada’s turn to produce 110,000 masks to fight the coronavirus. Photos: Specials.

Prada is a well-known fashion brand that is starting to change its production line. Usually, they focus on elegant blazers and blouses, but this time they will produce 110,000 masks on April 6. What this does is to help fight the coronavirus. In fact, Gucci will also make more than one million masks. High-end fashion brands also seem to be changing their focus. Last week, Spain’s Zara promised to produce surgical masks. It also donated 10,000 masks and another 300,000 will be sent later this week.

Not only that, over the weekend, but H&M Group also said it would reorganize its supply chain to produce protective equipment for hospitals and health care workers.

The Guardian, LVMH luxury conglomerate, which has Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy, announced last weekend that it would supply more than 40 million face masks to the government in the coming weeks. After approving orders from Chinese manufacturers.

British Fashion Council:

The British Fashion Council, a non-profit organization promoting UK fashion design globally. Last week called on those with production capacity to help with the shortcomings. NHS workers in the UK have talked about the lack of protective equipment.

While in the US, President Trump said he asked companies like Hanes to start making it too. This is in accordance with the chanting of the New York Times fashion critic, Vanessa Friedman who spoke via Twitter. Where is the brand name (fashion) is very large?

In a move to make masks as a continuation of the LVMH announcement earlier this month, they will turn three factories. Which usually produces perfumes with labels like Givenchy and Guerlain into hand sanitizer production.

Meanwhile, in Italy, other big fashion names have donated large amounts of money. Moncler announced € 10 million for the construction of a 200-bed hospital in Milan, according to regional officials. Also in Milan, two new intensive care units have been donating by Prada co-CEO Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada, and chairman Carlo Mazzi, in each of the three largest hospitals in the city.

Fashion designer, Donatella Versace last week promised more than USD 200,000 will be donated to the intensive care unit of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. In addition, Mayhoola, the holding company of Valentino and Balmain, yesterday pledged USD2 million for efforts to overcome the coronavirus, then Giorgio Armani donated USD1.4 million to four hospitals in Italy and Gucci’s chief executive, Marco Bizzarri, gave USD100,000 to the house sick in northern Italy Emilia-Romagna which is one of the hardest-hit regions in the country.

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