How Glenn Guist’s brother Mitchell Died? Age, Career, Relationship, and Net Worth


Mitchell Guist is an American television personality most popular for his appearance on the History Channel reality series Swamp People. He appeared in the Swamp People alongside his brother, Glenn Guist, hunting gators in Gonzales, Louisiana.

You must be familiar with the Guist brothers if you have watched the History Channel reality series Swamp People. Mitchell joined the second season of Swamp People but left appearing from the third season with his tragic death. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Mitchell Guist’s age, career, relationship, wife, children, death, funeral, and net worth.

Mitchell Guist Wiki, Bio, Age

The son of Hubert Guist and Bonnie Albritton, Mitchell was born on 18 May 1964 in Gonzales, Louisiana. His parents named him Mitchell James Guist. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 47 on 14 May 2012. He grew up with his siblings, Glenn Guist, Hubert Guist Jr., Tonya Guist, and Daniel Guist, in the swamps of Louisiana. Glenn and Tonya Guist are the only survivors of the Guist family.

Mitchell Guist
Mitchell Guist. Image Source: Facebook

Mitchell learned hunting and survival skills from his father at an early age. He goes out hunting with his father and brother since childhood. He had closed bonding with his brother, Glenn Guist, and they moved to their grandparent’s house in Conway Bayou. Moreover, Mitchell holds an American nationality and belongs to the Cajun family.

Is Mitchell Guist Married?

Reflecting on the personal life of Mitchell, he was never married. Instead, he spent all his life with his brother, Glenn, hunting gators and other creatures in the swamp of Louisiana. Therefore, there isn’t any solid proof that leads towards Mitchell’s married lifestyle and children.

The personal life of Mitchell wasn’t in the limelight as his professional career journey. Mitchell was a private person who didn’t disclose his personal lifestyle with others. In fact, Mitchell didn’t even reveal his sexual orientation. He was only focused on his career goals and never seemed to be in a romantic relationship.

How much was Mitchell Guist’s Net Worth?

Mitchell tagged along with his brother and learned hunting skills from their father. Afterward, the History Channel reality series Swamp People featured the Guist brothers hunting gators in Gonzales, Louisiana. The major source of Mitchell’s earning was hunting and appearing in the reality series. Even though Mitchell had a successful career as a hunter, he never talked about his earning and net worth with the tabloids.

Guist brothers
Guist brothers at Lake Charles. Image Source: Facebook

Mitchell’s appearance on Swamp People also helped to add more net worth. Swamp People featured him building a houseboat which his brother finished in his memory. He left all of his fortunes to his brother, Glenn guist and sister Tonya Guist. Furthermore, the cast of Swamp People earns about $10k per episode.

How Mitchell Guist died?

On 14 May 2012, Swamp People lost their one of the regular cast member, Mitchell Guist. He was building a houseboat near Pierre Part on the Belle River but fell due to a seizure. He died at the age of 47, just four days before his birthday. History Channel announced the shocking news to the whole Guist fans and followers.

Mitchell Guist
Mitchell Guist. Image Source: Facebook

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Swamp People aired the episode of Voodoo Bayou in the memory of Mitchell Guist on 17 May 2012. Mitchell was rushed to the Morgan City Hospital, and the hospital team revealed that he had a heart attack. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead due to natural causes at the Morgan City Hospital. Charles “Chuck” Stern conducted his funeral at Ourso Funeral Home, Gonzales, on 18 and 19 May 2012.

Social Media

Mitchell Guist was active on Facebook and Twitter. He kept in touch with his fans and follower through his personal Facebook account. Similarly, he also had a public figure page with his brother, Glenn Guist. Their fan page was created on 9 May 2011, and it has amassed more than 47K followers. In addition, swamp star’s Twitter account was created in January 2009. Although he never used Instagram, he has few posts on Instagram with his hashtag.

Learn about Career Details

Mitchell started his professional career in his parent’s footsteps. He tagged along with his brother and learned the skills to live off the land. Mitchell touched the height of success, appearing in the History Channel reality series Swamp People alongside his brother, Glenn Guist. Guist brothers hunt cottontail rabbits, blue catfish, crayfish, squirrels, turtles and alligators for their survival in the swamp of Louisiana.

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Guist brothers joined the casts of Swamp People on its second season hunting gators in Gonzales, Louisiana. Mitchell only appeared on the two seasons of Swamp People, whereas his brother appeared overall in eight seasons. Mitchell couldn’t continue his journey because of his tragic death due to a Heart Attack. Previously, he also worked at Alexander Concrete Products.

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