How Much is Glenn Guist’s Net Worth? Age, Career, Relationship, and Body Measurements


Glenn Guist is an American reality star most popular for his appearance in the History Channel reality series Swamp People. He appeared in the Swamp People alongside his brother, Mitchell Guist, hunting gators in Gonzales, Louisiana.

If you are familiar with the History Channel reality series Swamp People, you must have heard about the Guist brothers. Glenn joined the second season of Swamp People and continued till its ninth season. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Glen Guist’s age, career, relationship, wife, children, body measurements, and net worth.

Glenn Guist Wiki, Bio, Age

The actual age of Glenn Guist is 63 years as of 2021. He was born on 8 February 1958 in Gonzales, Louisiana. Hubert Guist and Bonnie Albritton were his parents. He grew up with his siblings, Hubert Guist Jr., Mitchell Guist, Tonya Guist, and Daniel Guist, in the swamps of Louisiana. Unfortunately, he suffered many personal tragedies over the years. Glenn and Tonya Guist are the only survivors among all the family members.

Glenn Guist
Glenn Guist. Image Source: Pinterest

Glenn graduated from the Swamp Slag Slavery Camp in 1940. Since childhood, he developed an interest in hunting and tagged along with his father to gator hunting. His father taught them the survival skills to live off the land from an early age. They lived in their grandparent’s house in Conway Bayou. He loves to spend time with her niece, Aida.

Is Glenn Guist Married?

No, swamp star Glenn Guist doesn’t seem to be a married man. Reflecting on the personal life of reality star, he is possibly single. He spent most of his time with his brother, Mitchell Guist hunting animals in the swamps of Louisiana. Glenn hasn’t talked much about his personal life with the tabloids. In fact, Glenn hasn’t disclosed his sexual orientation.

Glenn Guist
Guist Brothers. Image Source: Facebook

The personal life of Glenn isn’t in the spotlight as his professional career path. He doesn’t seem to be in a romantic relationship till today’s date and plans to spend his life hunting in the swamp of Louisiana. There isn’t any solid proof that leads to married lifestyle and children of swamp star.

How much is Glenn Guist’s Net Worth?

Everyone in the History Channel reality series Swamp People talks about living off the land, but only the Glenn brothers have lived that life more. They walked in his father’s footsteps and learned the survival skills to live off the land. Glenn’s main source of income is hunting living in the swamp. He also earned a decent sum appearing in the reality series Swamp People. Swamp People featured Glenn and his brother hunting gators in Gonzales, Louisiana.

Swamp People
Glenn Guist getting back at the swamp of Louisiana. Image Source: Facebook

Swamp star Glenn Guist has an estimated net worth of $200K. He accumulated such a decent fortune, hunting off the land in Louisiana. Reality series Swamp People also helped to add up his net worth. Glenn earned about $10K per episode, appearing in the series Swamp People. Despite his old age, he is continuing hunting. Thus, Glenn’s earning and net worth varies in the future.

Body Measurements

Glenn is 63 years old, yet he is healthy and strong enough to hunt down the gators. Unfortunately, Glenn Guist hasn’t disclosed his actual body measurements to the tabloids. Thus, his height and weight are still a mystery. However, Glenn’s height and weight perfectly match his body measurements looking at his recent pictures. Moreover, Glenn has a hazel color eye and blonde hair.

Swamp People
Glenn Guist hunting gator and fish. Image Source: Facebook

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Social Media

Glenn seems to be active on his collab public figure Facebook page with his brother, Mitchell Guist. Their page was created on 9 May 2011, and it has amassed over 47K followers. Additionally, Glenn has his own personal Facebook account, but he isn’t active since 2012. Although he isn’t active on Instagram and Twitter, he is popular to talk about. Previously, he had a website, guistbrothers, but it seems like it has been taken down.

Learn about Career Details of Glenn Guist

Talking about the professional career journey of Glenn Guist, he rose to stardom, appearing in the History Channel reality series Swamp People. On 31 March 2011, he joined the casts of Swamp People alongside his brother, Mitchell Guist. The Guist brother worked as a team hunting gators in Gonzales, Louisiana. Mitchell left the reality series Swamp People on its third season, whereas Glenn continued till its ninth season. He continued building a houseboat in memory of his brother.

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Swamp People features the alligator hunters living in the swamp of Louisiana. Glenn hunted in Gonzales most of the time, but he hunted in Pecan Island, Louisiana, during the fourth to the sixth season. He shared the stage alongside his brother, Mitchell Guist and Kristi Broussard in Swamp People. Besides television personality, Glenn runs his own merchandise store.

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