How Much is Mike Horstman Net Worth? Age, Career, and Relationship


Mike Horstman is an American reality star most popular for his appearance in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. He started appearing in the seventh season of Mountain Men, and still, he is maintaining his presence in the History channel reality series.

Previously, Horstman appeared in the reality television series, The Hunt in 2014. Unfortunately, it only lasted for only one season. If you are a fan of the Mountain Men reality series, you must be familiar with Mike Horstman. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on reality star Mike Horstman’s age, bio, career, relationship, and net worth.

Mike Horstman Age, Wiki, Bio

American reality star Mike Horstman was born on 19 December 1954 in Jonesville, Michigan. Currently, he is 74 years old, and his parents named him Michael Horstman. Later on, he changed it to Mike Horstman. He enrolled at Sendenhowa High School but didn’t pursue further studies. Moreover, Mike Horstman belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background and holds an American nationality.

Kodiak Hunting
Mike Horstman at Eagle Harbor, Alaska. Image Source: Facebook

Although Horstman’s parents don’t have strong hunting background, he developed a huge interest in hunting. One of his uncles used to hunt deers in the Adirondacks. From an early age, Horstman thought of being a hunter traveling to the Alaska Range. His interest grew more when Outdoor Magazines documented Alaskan hunting adventures. Horstman already killed a bear by the age of 17.

How much is Mike Horstman’s Net worth?

Mike Horstman developed a successful career even though he lived far away from modern civilization. He spent almost more than 40 years in Kodiak Island alone in the wilderness. Horstman’s success in his professional career has blessed him with decent fortune. However, reality star Mike Horstman hasn’t disclosed his actual annual income and net worth to the tabloids.

Mike Horstman
Mike Horstman alongside his pet dog. Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, some sources have claimed that Horstman earns $70,000 annually, and his net worth is estimated to be $500,000. He achieved such a huge net worth as a brown bear hunting guide and appearing in the reality television series Mountain Men. Despite old age, Horstman is living in the wilderness without any health issues. In addition, he even appeared in another reality television series, The Hunt.

Is Mike Horstman Married?

Reflecting on the personal life of Mike Horstman, he is possibly single. There isn’t any solid proof that leads to the married lifestyle and children of Mike Horstman. He spent more than 40 years living in the wilderness of Kodiak Island, which isn’t early accessible. He resides in a remote coastline cabin on Eagle Harbor, which is only reachable by plane or boat. It takes about a week to run for a grocery store. He lives in the mountains of Kodiak Island with his pet dog, Adele. Adele is a trained dog who helps to fetch a small animal killed by Horstman.

Mike Horstman
Mike Horstman on a hunt. Image Source: Facebook

The personal life of Mike Horstman isn’t in the limelight as his professional career path is. In fact, Horstman hasn’t revealed anything regarding his sexual orientation and other romantic relationship affairs. Mountain Men regular cast Mike Horstman is successfully maintaining a borderline between his personal and professional life. It seems like Horstman lived all alone all his life in the storm-battered shores of Kodiak Island. He has maintained an average body measurement to match his height and weight.

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Social Media

Mike Horstman is a man who decided to re-establish himself with nature. History Channel reality television series Mountain Men page provides updates of Horstman to his fans and followers. Horstman seems to be active on Instagram and Facebook, promoting his hunting guide service, Kodiak hunting. Likewise, Horstman also has his own official Facebook account created with his real name Michael Horstman.

Learn about the Career Details of Mike Horstman

Talking about the professional career journey of Mike Horstman, he rose to stardom after appearing in the History Channel reality television series Mountain Men. It featured the lifestyle of people living the primitive lifestyle in the Wilderness. Mountain Men featured him in its seventh season on 19 July 2018. Previously, he starred in the reality television series The Hunt in 2014. It focused on hunting Kodiak Brown Bear on the rugged island of Kodiak, Alaska. Unfortunately, The Hunt reality series never took off and only lasted for a season.

Kodiak Hunting
Mike Horstman’s first kill in 2014. Image Source: Instagram

Horstman lived a couple of years in Idaho as a guide and horse packer after leaving his hometown. Later on, he followed his interest and moved to the remote coastline cabin on Eagle Harbor at Kodiak, Alaska. Since 1979, he is living on Kodiak Island, hunting and trapping animals for survival. Horstman has never thought about leaving Kodiak Island and started a hunting guide service for a better experience for Outlanders. He provides guide service for hunting brown bears only for 11 weeks a year.

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Furthermore, Horstman survived through all the challenges and harsh weather of the Alaska Range. His family and friend always forced him to return to the civilization or play it safe in the wilderness. Everyone, including Horstman, knows that his every hunt could be the last journey. He sacrificed everything to hunt down the largest brown bears in the world.

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