Meet Jake Herak Girlfriend Turned Fiancé Anika Ward, Age, Career, Relationship, and Net Worth


Jake Herak is an American reality star most popular for his appearance in the History Channel reality television series Mountain Men. On 19 July 2018, he appeared in the seventh season of Mountain Men, and he is still maintaining his consistent presence in the series.

During the 2019 summer,  ESPN’s Highly Questionable featured Herak’s ability to outrun the large cat, which stunned every audience. Recently, Herak shared an Instagram post proposing his longtime girlfriend, Anika Ward, for a marriage. If you are familiar with the Mountain Men reality series, then you might have heard about Jake Herak. Furthermore, learn more interesting facts on Jake Herak’s age, career, net worth, girlfriend turned fiance, Anika Ward, and other relationships.

Jake Herak Age, Wiki, Bio

Reality star Jake Herak is the son of Alisa Smith and John Herak. He was born on 28 February 1989 in Dixon, Montana. He grew up alongside his sister Sierra Smith and brothers Bo Herak and Michael Smith. His father had cancer and went from 220lbs to 160lbs. His father is cancer-free now. Currently, Jake Herak is 32 years old.

Jake Herak
Jake Herak alongside his father. Image Source: Facebook

Jake Herak studied at Twin Bridges High School and grew up playing football. He was also a member of Twin Bridges High School’s varsity team. He graduated from high school in 2008. Moreover, Jake Herak holds an American nationality and belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. He has never left his hometown and doesn’t have any plans to left soon.

Who is Anika Ward?

Anika Ward is the longtime girlfriend of Mountain Men regular cast Jake Herak. Recently, Herak proposed to his girlfriend for marriage, and Ward said yes. Herak shared the information through his official Instagram account on 15 May 2021. He went out on vacation and surprised his girlfriend with an engagement ring. He designed a special ring with a dog’s baying. Except for his girlfriend turned fiance Anika Ward, he doesn’t seem to have any other romantic relationship affairs. The personal life of reality star Jake Herak isn’t as limelight as his professional career journey is.

Anika Ward
Jake Herak and Anika Ward fishing. Image Source: Instagram

Anika Ward was born in Sheridan, Montana, and currently, she resides in Twin bridges. She studied at WSU Pullman after completing her studies at Sheridan High School. Likewise, she also enrolled at the Utah State University. The engaged couple loves hunting and fishing. Soon he will marry her fiance Anika Ward and their home will be blessed with beautiful children. Jake Herak is a heartthrob for many ladies as his height and weight perfectly matches his body measurements.

How much is Jake Herak’s Net Worth?

Jake Herak touched stardom after appearing in the History channel reality series Mountain Men. Previously, he was trying to make himself a brand, creating a logo and selling caps. Herak’s success in his professional career path has helped him to achieve a decent fortune. Pretty private person Herak hasn’t talked much regarding his actual annual income and net worth to the tabloids.

Jake Herak
Jake Herak with his wheels. Image Source: Facebook

However, some sources have claimed Jake Herak’s regular income is $10 thousand, and he has accumulated an estimated net worth of $70 thousand. Currently, Herak is just 32 years old. Thus, there is no doubt that the actual annual income and net worth of Jake Herak soon vary with his successful professional career path.

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Social Media

Unlike other Nomads, reality star Jake Herak is active on social media like Facebook and Instagram. He is often active in social media and shares his moments from the wilderness. We learned about him saving a person’s life through his Facebook. Similarly, we learned about him getting engaged through his Instagram account jherak3232. Moreover, Jake Herak doesn’t seem to be active on any websites, even though he sold his merch before appearing in the reality series Mountain Men. Herak also loves to connect with his fans and followers. He has created a profile on Guide Fitter so that people looking for a hunting guide can contact him.

Mountain Men
Mountain Men Jake Herak. Image Source: Twitter

Learn about the Career of Jake Herak

Talking about the professional career journey of Jake Herak, he started living in the mountains in his teenage. He lived in the mountains with his team of hounds hunting lions. His professional career took on a successful path after appearing in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. He appeared as the youngest regular cast in the seventh series of the History Channel reality series on 19 July 2018. He is still maintaining his consistent presence in the Mountain Men as a lion hunter. His first appearance on the reality series made a remarkable impression, hunting down nineteen mountain lions.

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Herak makes sure that the mountain lion stays away from the ranches. He has earned the name of The Next Generation of Balls to the Wall Lion Hunters. He is living in the wilderness since his teenage polishing his survival skills in the woods. Except for hunting mountain lions, he also spends time fishing. Likewise, he also hunts bobcats and mule deers. Furthermore, Herak is also a skilled cameraman and loves to snap pictures while he is out on his adventures.

Life Saver

The youngest cast of Mountain Men, Jake Herak, alongside Bo Harek, saved a 60+ years old man from drowning in the pond. Jake dived into the pond without giving a second thought to save the people inside the car drowning in the pond. Luckily, there were only an older man and his dog drowning, and they saved both of them. The man told Herak that it was brand new, just bought two days ago, and Herak replied, “money is an object, and there were two things in that car that weren’t replaceable.” The older man tried to pay Jake Herak, but he refused to take the money and request the older man to help the other needy person.

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