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KOH Racer Martha Tansy Age, Career, Relationship, Daughter, and Net Worth

Martha Tansy is an American reality star most popular for her appearance in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. Also, she is an Elite off-road racer and took part in Ultra4 and King of the Hammers.

Tansy is a single mother. In the tenth season of the Mountain Men reality series, she appeared as the newest cast member on 3 June 2021. You must have heard about Martha Tansy if you are familiar with off-road racer and History Channel reality series. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Martha Tansy’s age, career, relationship, daughter, and net worth.

Martha Tansy Wiki, Bio, Age

American reality star Martha Tansy seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t talked much regarding her personal life. In fact, Tansy hasn’t disclosed her actual date of birth. Thus, Tansy’s age is still a mystery to most of her fans and followers. However, her current age seems to be 37, looking at her recent pictures. She was born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska. Moreover, Tansy holds an American nationality.

Martha Tansy
Martha Tansy celebrating the 4th of July with fire prevention instead of fireworks. Image Source: Facebook

Ultra4 racer Tansy looks like an educated person, but she hasn’t disclosed her educational background to the tabloids. She is successfully maintaining a borderline between her personal and professional life.

Is Martha Tansy Married?

Reflecting on the personal life of Martha Tansy, she is possibly single. There isn’t any solid proof that leads to Tansy’s married relationship. However, she is a single mother living in the woods of the Alaska Range. Her daughter’s name is Elli, and she also appears in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. Pretty private person Tansy hasn’t disclosed much information regarding her personal life. In fact, she hasn’t talked much about her relationship with Elli’s father.

Mountain Men
Martha Tansy, alongside her daughter Elli hunting Caribou. Image Source: Instagram

Tansy’s personal life isn’t in the limelight as her professional career journey is. She hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her romantic relationship affairs. She is living a simple yet happy lifestyle, raising her lovely daughter Elli. Mother and daughter often go out in the wilderness for caribou and moose hunting. Her daughter Elli is home-schooled, and she seems to be 12 years old looking at her recent pictures.

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How much is Martha Tansy’s Net Worth?

Single mother Martha Tansy built a successful professional career as an Elite off-road racer and reality star living in the woods. Tansy’s success in her career path has helped her to accumulate a decent fortune. However, Martha Tansy hasn’t disclosed her actual annual salary and net worth to the tabloids. On the other hand, the History Channel reality series pays an average income of $3500 per episode for their cast members.

Martha Tansy is all set up for KOH. Image Source: Twitter

Tansy is still maintaining her presence in the Mountain Men reality series. Thus, there is no doubt that Tansy’s earning and net worth vary in the future with her successful professional career journey. She also earned a good sum as an off-road racer.

Social Media

Unlike other cast members of Mountain Men, Martha Tansy is frequently active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Similarly, she is also active on YouTube and has a Picuki profile. She created her Facebook page on 21 March 2017, whereas she created her YouTube channel on 21 March 2015. Likewise, she joined Instagram and Twitter in March 2016. She connects with her fans and follower through her social media and often posts pictures of her daily lifestyle.

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Learn about the Career of Martha Tansy

Tansy spent almost five years in the U.S. Army, which helped her to learn more about outdoor survival and sharpshooting abilities required for the job. She is also an Elite off-road racer appearing in the King of the Hammers in 2017 as a co-driver for Greg Lundeen and Adam McGough.

She also served as a crew chief for Bailey-Cole in the UTV and EMC races at King of the Hammers (KOH). Previously, she also raced in the Ultra4 in Las Vegas for the Safari Club International Show. It’s been more than 23 years that’s she got engaged in driving.

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Tansy’s professional career took on a successful path after appearing in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. Single mother Tansy earned a huge name and fame after appearing in the tenth series of Mountain Men on 3 June 2021.

Currently, she resides in the mountains of Southcentral Alaska. She doesn’t like to give up on her adventure even though she faced such harsh moments in the wilderness. In addition, she also loves fishing and welding.

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