Outer and Inner Body Health to Be Ready

Maintaining Outer and Inner Body Health to Be Ready to Face Disease

Maintaining Outer and Inner Body Health
4 Tips for Maintaining Outer and Inner Body Health to Be Ready to Face Disease. Photo: Source

The emergence of various viruses and diseases such as Corona, dengue fever, to other diseases in an uncertain season like now, makes many people start to pay attention to their health. Various methods were carried out, ranging from wearing masks, washing hands, bathing with anti-bacterial soap and much more.

Unfortunately, many people focus too much on taking care of the health of the body only from the outside. Though the health of the body from within or immunity must also be considered. What can you do to keep your immune system strong and ready to face various diseases? The following tips:

1. Pay attention to nutritional intake and nutrition:

You are what you eat”, what you eat, then that will determine your health condition. Some intake of healthy foods that you can choose include yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and miso, which contain probiotics or good bacteria that will protect the health of organs. Besides animal and vegetable proteins that function to help maintain immune cells and heal wounds. Do not forget, consumption of water that can trigger lymphatic cell regeneration so that the body’s immune system becomes strong.

2. Active and routine exercise:

Professor Arne Akbar of the British Society for Immunology explains the benefits of exercise include being able to increase blood flow so that the regeneration of cells can work well. In addition, exercise can also reduce stress and increase happiness, which is also good for health.

3. Adequate rest:

sleep time can make the body more vulnerable to disease. The author of Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker, explains that by only sleeping 4-5 hours per day, the number of cells that attack cancer cells that appear in your body can drop by 70 percent. Therefore, make sure you always get enough rest, around 7-9 hours per day.

4. Choosing a healthy program as needed:

One way to implement a healthy lifestyle is to choose a healthy program. There are many health programs that you can go through, one of which is the Realfood healthy program. This healthy program is the first healthy swallow-based drink in Indonesia that is supervised by experienced nutritionists and nutritionists produced in modern and sterile production facilities in accordance with ISO 22000 standards. Realfood healthy program has been certified Halal and BPOM.

The Realfood Stay Fit program with amino acids tyrosine and lysine amino acids can help maintain the immune system in children and adolescents (under 17 years old), help increase calcium absorption, and help accelerate the healing of diseases and also influenza.

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