Tips to Look Beautiful When Using Masks

Look Beautiful When Using Masks
A beauty Youtuber, SSUNZY gives tips for putting on makeup in a way that looks good even if you wear a mask. Photos: Specials.

A beauty Youtuber, SSUNZY gives tips for putting on makeup in a way that looks good beautiful even though wearing a mask. The 29-year-old woman said that it is unfortunate that the mask hides the beauty of women.

“You can’t show off your charm. I will do makeup that makes your face look beautiful even when you wear a mask,” SSUNZY said as reported by Independent.

SSUNZY recommends that YouTube channel viewers use more moisturizers, and keep using colors that are more natural than thick coloring. He also suggested using a hydrating foundation. The goal is to make it easier to apply makeup after removing the mask.

Popular and Beautiful Tips:

This method is becoming popular, with sales of more colorful cosmetics falling while sales of skincare products have increased. “We saw an increase in sales of skincare products during March compared to the previous month. Anti-aging products showed the most stable sales,” said Amorepacific Group. The ubiquitous face masks have made it a daily fashion item for South Koreans, and K-pop music stars helped spread their popularity.

“The public is more comfortable with them (masks) as a countermeasure (against coronavirus) because G-Dragon wears it, BTS uses it, everyone wears it, so why can’t I wear it?” Said Korean fashion designer Park Youn-hee, who often works with K-pop idols including BTS and Girls Generation.

Like many countries, South Korea faces a lack of face masks. The government has put in place an allotment system to limit the number of masks that can be bought each person every week and put restrictions on exports on masks.

In response, some South Koreans have switched to other ways to combine protection and fashion. One item that is seen sold in stores and online is a hat with clear plastic face shields. People of all ages are seen wearing hats in Daegu, the center of the spread of South Korea’s coronavirus. “This suits all casual wear,” Park said of the hat.

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