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Scott Nelson Bio, Career, Relationship, Wife, Son, and Net Worth

Scott Nelson is an American reality television star most popular for his appearance in the Discovery television series, The Last Alaskans. Previously, he served as the marine in Jacksonville, NC.

Also, Scott is the celebrity husband of reality star Krin Nelson. Krin’s whole family appeared in the reality television series, The Last Alaskans in 2015. If you are one of The Last Alaskans fans, you must be familiar with Kein Nelson’s husband, Scott Nelson. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Scott Nelson’s personal and professional life.

More on Scott Nelson

American reality television star seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t revealed much information regarding his personal life. In fact, Scott hasn’t revealed his actual date of birth and birthplace to the tabloids. However, Scott Nelson was born in the United States, and he seemed to be in his early 30s. Likewise, there isn’t any information regarding Scott’s early life and parents.

Fishing in Alaska
Scott Nelson fishing in Alaska. Image Source: Instagram

Scott’s personal life isn’t in the limelight as his professional career path is. Although adventure enthusiast Scott is an educated person, he hasn’t disclosed his educational background to the tabloids. Scott belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background and holds American nationality.

Career Overview

Adventure enthusiast Scott Nelson rose to stardom after being in a relationship with the reality stars Heimo Korth and Edna Korth‘s youngest daughter Krin Korth. Previously, Scott served as a marine in Jacksonville, NC. He went to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska alongside his wife Krin Korth and son Colby Nelson. He is also an outdoor person, just like his wife, Karin.

large black sow
Scott Nelson hunting large black sow in Alaska. Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, Scott also has an interest in fishing. Thus, the married couple went out to spend their winter vacation in the wilderness of Alaska. Scott touched the stardom after appearing in the Discovery reality television series, The Last Alaskans. He would have lived a normal life if he didn’t marry Krin. Since childhood, his wife is one of the recurring cast of the reality series The Last Alaskans. She learned to survive independently, trapping and fishing animals.

The Last Alaskans
Scott Nelson. Image Source: Discovery Channel

Scott only rose to fame because of Krin, so there isn’t much information regarding his professional career journey. In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, they lived in the spare cabin provided by his father in law Heimo Korth. He traveled to explore the wilderness of Alaska after getting retired from his marine job. Unlike Karin, Scott didn’t grow up in the Alaskan wilderness. Thus, he suffered difficulties living a primitive life away from the crowded city.

Relationship status, wife, and son

American reality television star Scott Nelson married Krin Korth. However, the married couple hasn’t disclosed their actual date of marriage. It seems like the married couple is successfully keeping the boundary between their professional and personal life. Just like Scott, his wife also didn’t reveal her actual age to the tabloids. However, she also seems to be living in her late 20s, looking at the photos she posts on social media.

Nelson family
Scott Nelson, with his wife Krin and son Colby enjoying Christmas. Image Source: Facebook

Krin is familiar with the wilderness of Alaska as she was born and raised there. She left the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge after the tragic death of her elder sister Coleen. Krin also served as a firefighter while she was away from Alaska. The married couple welcomed their first son, Colby, on 17 April 2016. Coincidentally, Colby shares the same birthday with his grandfather Heimo Korth. He just turned 4 last month.

Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson hiking early morning carrying Colby with his wife, Krin. Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the married couple was expecting a second child. Unfortunately, Krin couldn’t give birth to the second child cause the baby was already dead inside her womb. She went through a miscarriage in 2019. The baby died somewhere between 15-16 weeks inside her womb. Moreover, the baby was positioned head up, feet down with no heartbeat and no movement. Except for Krin Korth, Scott doesn’t seem to have any extramarital relationship affairs. He is living a happy and adventurous lifestyle alongside her wife and son.

How much is Scott Nelson’s net worth?

Reality television star Scott Nelson seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t disclosed much information regarding himself. Likewise, Scott hasn’t talked much regarding his actual annual salary and net worth to the tabloids. On the other hand, some sources have claimed Scott Nelson has accumulated an estimated net worth of $100,000. He earns around $1500 per episode for his appearance on the reality television series, The Last Alaskans. He is blessed with a decent fortune from his professional career as a marine and reality television star. Likewise, his wife, Krin Nelson, has an estimated net worth of $150,000, and she earns $3000 per episode on the reality television series, The Last Alaskans.

Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson carrying Colby at the Castner Glacier Alaska. Image Source: Facebook

Furthermore, the married couple is living a lavish lifestyle traveling to different new destinations on vacation. Recently, the married couple went to Las Levas, Nevada, alongside their son, Colby. Scott is often active in his official Instagram account ak_bandit and has around 690 followers. Avid food lover Scott often posts pictures of the dishes that he prepared on Instagram. Additionally, his account is full of pictures of plants, nature, foods, and his family. Similarly, Ashley Selden, Charlie Jagow, and Bob Harte are renowned casts of the Discovery reality television series, The Last Alaskans.



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