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“1000-LB Sister” Star Tammy Slaton Has New Boyfriend. Who is he?

Yes, this is very true! Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend. Let’s not waste any time, yet we have an unbelievable story to talk about today. 

You heard it right, Tammy Slaton, the one we all love so much; well, most of us: she has a new man. Unfortunately, we do not know his name, but he is a very handsome-looking guy.

He goes by the bbwking on social media, and if you are wondering, wait, what does that mean? It means a big beautiful woman king. I guess he is the king of all these women, and so that is what he goes by on social media. There are so many freaking things of him and tammy together now. They are not physically together. 

Who is Tammy Slaton new Boyfriend

Now Tammy Slaton is not on TikTok, but if you remember her few last TikTok videos, she was posting a lot about him, and he was also duetting them, and then now they’re going back and forth.

If you go on her TikTok, her last like you know, five to ten TikToks are actually with this guy. She’s posting much different stuff that we’ll discuss in a couple of seconds, but the first thing, just the icing on the cake, is right there.:

He said, ” thanks, my love, you’re the best. 💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯💯🥳🥳🥳🥳🤞🤞🤞🤞💍💍💍💍💍💍”

Tammy Slaton Tiktok Comment
Tammy Slaton Tiktok Comment/Source: Tammy Slaton TikTok

Queen Tammy responded by back saying with many hearts and said, “you’re my everything.”

And so it’s like there are many more messages going back and forth, but yes, tammy has this new man. And so yeah, she’s posting a ton of TikTok with this guy. 

Tammy Slaton New Boyfriend
Tammy Slaton New Boyfriend/ Source: @bbwking Instagram

We don’t know; she has a big crush on this guy; she’s supposedly really into him. It’s good for her; this other guy is really into her too, and you probably think, “well, there’s no way,” but no, He’s already been called out for scamming, using Tammy, and trying to get money from her. 

But no, the craziest thing is we went and followed this guy on Instagram at the @bbwking once again and went through all this thing, and he has been obsessed with women that are a little bit larger. 

Fans are Worried about Tammy Slaton New Boyfriend

Fans are a little worried about Tammy Slaton on Jerry’s things. After separating from Jerry, Tammy Slaton was quite happy, and even she shares that she was in love with herself. Following this announcement, fans were very hopeful about Tammy’s weight loss. But now fans are again worried about Tammy’s is with a new man. 

They are worried because most of her fans think a new man will also use her to get her money and won’t help her lose weight. But according to some sources, the new man is seriously into big women. A person near to BBWKing said, “He’s not using tammy for money. He has his own money. He has everything. He’s just really into her”


It’s a little confusing whether this new man is in love with Tammy or not. It’s just a weird situation because the fan feels like he is the kind of guy he wants to feed her and see her gain weight and whatnot; he likes that kind of stuff. After all, jerry gave her sweets and food, and he was not helping the case at all.

And the kind of sad thing about this other guy is tammy needs to lose weight. We can see on his Instagram post saying that if you go below 300, he has no interest in her. And he’s done with you. He said that he’d watch my 600 pounds life, but when they lose weight, he loses complete interest. So obviously, he’s not supporting tammy’s weight loss journey. Whatever you want to call it, even if he is in love with her, the fan could say he’s not like a positive influence, and so fans don’t know if he’s the best person for Tammy to be in her life right now. But not only that, even if he was supportive and whatnot, she’s super famous; she’s a huge celebrity now, so that he could be using her for that too.

Tammy needs to keep her eyes open for users because if he’s using her for this or that, it’s a complete mess. We wish her well, but yeah, comment below if you think this is a true relationship. And if you think they will spark up a real relationship, fans would not be shocked if they’re going to end up meeting sometime soon because she seems into him, and he seems into her.

Fan’s Thoughts

While Tammy Slaton posting a lot more videos dueting with him lately on her 1.2M follower TikTok account fans seems to be worried. Some fans think that this is good for her to find a boyfriend. But some fans are thinking the new man is using her to get on the TV. It’s just a prediction but there is a huge possibility that 1000-LB sisters fans can see him in an upcoming season of the show.  

After posting a video on social media, fans warn Tammy that he might be using her. 

“probably using u again” one of her fans commented on her post and other fans reply on this comment saying “let’s not forget he was married as well”

Although Tammy Slaton hasn’t responded to any of those comments yet. 

“I know his bio says ‘the bigger the better’ and how bad for her her relationship with Jerry, another feeder was,” another person wrote.

“Look at this man’s page,” another user warned. “His only concern in a romantic partner is their size. Also he wouldn’t support her loosing weight to live.”

“He is using you in hopes of getting on the show,” one person wrote. “Don’t let yourself be played like that.”



While talking about the whole Slaton family, Tammy, Amy, and Chris are all on the cameo. Chris is charging only 20$ for 30sec cameo, whereas Amy Slaton charges 30$. Considering how famous is Tammy Slaton is, she charges 50$ for her 30sec cameo. 

Tammy Slaton Cameo
Tammy Slaton Cameo/Source: Cameo

There’s a lot more drama going on with Tammy’s merch and with this manager named Quincy and all this stuff going on. Here is the scoop if you haven’t heard: tammy is trying to sell things, now she’s taking donations, trying to sell clothing, trying to get stuff out there obviously, now she’s on cameo she’s trying to make some money. 

And now they’re trying to sell a bunch of stuff. And Tammy is trying to sell clothing with her stuff graphics and whatnot, art on it; however, it’s been this big drama. It’s been a bunch of crap with it, and honestly, it’s not like a scam or anything, but it’s just kind of a fishy situation.

What do you guys think about Tammy Slaton’s new relationship? Is she really into a new man? Comment your thought down below. Check back with Thecelebwatch to know more about the Slaton family




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