The Importance of Parents Accompany Children to Learn While at Home

The Importance of Parents Accompany Children
The Importance of Parents Accompany Children to Learn
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government advised children to study at home. Well, the role of parents accompany children to learn comfortably. Photos Source: Specials.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government advised children to study at home. Nevertheless, that does not mean schools are closed. Instead, the learning process that is usually done face-to-face is replaced online. Likewise with the assignment of tasks and learning materials provided by the teachers. In this case, psychologist Dr. Rose Mini Agoes Salim, M.Psi said that parents must accompany their children while studying.

Usually when teachers from schools have made distance learning, either through application or email. In this case, parents can make sure, make sure the child is working, because the teacher’s material for evaluating learning materials can be received at home, adjusted to it,” said Rose Mini.

Parents also need to learn their child:

Parents also need to work with the school. Make sure parents are aware of all the tasks and materials provided by the school. “It is solely to see if the child is indeed doing, collaborating with the school. Don’t let us not know. It only takes some time to adjust,” he added. Although studying at home, Rose Mini encourages parents to make regular schedules. According to him, there should be no difference between studying at school or at home. Where children still have to wake up, have breakfast to exercise at the same time as usual.

Make a regular schedule. This is not a vacation so that at home there is a regular schedule. If you wake up at school, then do it. Including exercise and brushing your teeth. Learning is more flexible at home but that does not mean not learning. Parents also need to be disciplined, don’t ask children to do discipline if we are not disciplined, “he explained.

Help your child learn unknown material. Don’t hesitate to contact the teacher by phone,” he continued.

Last but not least, Rose Mini advises parents to create a comfortable and enjoyable home study environment. When accompanying children to learn, Rose Mini emphasizes parents to be more patient and not provoke by emotions.

Create a comfortable atmosphere. It can be in the home garden. As long as not in the garden crowd. No need to be angry teaching children, because many parents are often emotional,” he said.

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