Malaysia Record Corona Highest Case in Southeast Asia

Malaysia Record Corona Highest Case
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The Coronavirus pandemic has spread to a number of regions throughout the world, including Southeast Asia. All countries in the region have been affected by the new Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. Then which country is most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic? Citing data from an online monitoring site,, Friday (3/27/2020), Malaysia became the country in Southeast Asia with the most cases of infection.

To date, Malaysia has recorded 2,031 cases of infection. Under Malaysia, there is Thailand with 1,136 cases, Indonesia (1,046), the Philippines (803), and Singapore (683).

Timor Leste is a Southeast Asian country with the fewest Coronavirus infections. The country has just announced the first case of Coronavirus infection some time ago. Besides East Timor, there are Myanmar (5) and Laos (6).

Meanwhile, Indonesia became the Southeast Asian country with the highest number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Southeast Asia. To date, 87 people have died as a result of COVID-19. Under Indonesia, there are the Philippines (54), and Malaysia (24). While Thailand (5) and Singapore (2) recorded the fewest deaths.

Until now, the Coronavirus pandemic has spread to 199 countries and territories in the world as well as one means of national transportation, the cruise ship Diamond Princess. 537,331 people worldwide have been infected with the COVID-19 virus, in which 24,136 died and 124,451 were recovered.


Country Case FantasticBus Died New Death Victim Get well
Malaysia 2,031 24 1 215
Thailand 1,136 91 5 1 97
Indonesia 1,046 153 87 9 46
Filipina 803 96 54 9 31
Singapore 683 2 172
Vietnam 153 20
Brunei 114 5
Cambodia 98 11
Laos 6
Myanmar 5
Timor-Leste 1

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For safe from coronavirus You should have to follow these rules:

a. As someone who is used to working from 9-5 hours, staying at home and breaking up with many people can be stressful. so it’s important to find a “busy” way, but “not really” during this time.

b. In the midst of the coronavirus, everyone can stay connected throughout distance and time. Use this time to reconnect with your friends and family, slide your video call mode and enjoy other forms of human interaction. By doing this, you also activate heart-to-heart conversations, even at a distance.

c. You might have read several articles about the current situation. Or you might have listened to this topic here and there, but it never hurts to really educate yourself about this problem. Make sure you have what you need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

d. Being in quarantine alone will make you do things regularly that will make you bored. So, try to do new things once in a while, for example, you can try to walk around your house complex, try some new yoga poses, finish books, or try something creative like drawing or coloring.


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