Who is Clint Roberts? Age, Career, Wife, Children, and Net Worth

Clint Roberts

Clint Roberts is a professional logger. He is also a reality star mostly popular for his appearance on the History Channel reality series Ax Men.

Ax Men featured Clint and his Dreadknots Logging crew in its three-season from 2012 to 2015. They rose to fame with their unique logging methods, thanks to the History Channel’s reality show, Ax Men. Furthermore, read the article to learn more interesting facts about Clint Roberts’s age, career, wife, children, and net worth.

Clint Roberts Wiki, Bio, Age

Clint has successfully maintained a low-profile lifestyle. The Ax Men star hasn’t revealed anything regarding his personal life to the tabloids. However, some source has claimed that he was born on 12 July 1979. Thus, Clint Roberts’s actual age as of 2022 is 42 years. His birthplace is still a mystery to the fans and followers of Ax Men.

Clint Roberts
Clint Roberts. Image Source: Facebook

Clint loved swimming and baseball from a young age. He took swimming lessons and received several accolades and honors for baseball during high school. In his freshman year, he worked at a local sawmill with his friend, Keith Hitchcock. Later on, he built up a strong interest in logging and started spending more time in a sawmill. Although Clint enrolled in college, he never got time to graduate. He used to miss classes as his business demanded more time and devotion.

Is Clint Roberts Married?

Reflecting on the personal life of Clint Roberts, he is possibly single. There isn’t any solid proof that leads to the wife and children of the professional logger. Clint has maintained a borderline between his personal and professional lifestyle. Thus, it’s hard to tell whether Clint is married, single, or in a romantic relationship.

Haley Mikenas
Clint Roberts with Underwater Empire crew member Haley Mikenas. Image Source: Instagram

The personal life of Clint isn’t in the spotlight as his professional career journey. He hardly shares information related to his personal life with the tabloids. Clint seems more focused on his professional life and career goals. There isn’t any information related to Clint Roberts’s wife and children that we know of.

How Much Is Clint Roberts’s Net Worth?

Logging is the major source of earnings for Clint and his Dreadknots Logging crew. However, pretty private person Clint Roberts hasn’t disclosed his actual earnings and net worth to the tabloids. Thus, Clint’s net worth and salary vary from one source to another. Some sources claimed his net worth to be $50,000, whereas others claimed it to be $500,000. He earns around $1140 per day.

Dreadknots Logging crew
Dreadknots Logging crew. Image Source: Twitter

Besides logging, Clint has accumulated a huge sum appearing in the History Channel reality series Ax Men and Underwater Empire. He appeared in the three-season of Ax Men and eight episodes of Underwater Empire. Clint still has a long journey in his logging business, and there is no doubt that his earnings and net worth vary in the future.

Social Media

Unlike other casts, Clint Roberts doesn’t seem active on Facebook and Instagram. However, his logging business, Dreadknots Logging, has an account on both Facebook and Twitter. Clint joined YouTube on 16 May 2012 and has uploaded three videos related to his business. Similarly, he joined Twitter in November 2013 and amassed more than 1500 followers.

Clint Roberts
Clint Roberts. Image Source: LinkedIn

Learn About Career Details

Talking about the professional career journey of Clint Roberts, he rose to stardom after appearing in the History Channel reality series Ax Men. He joined the series in its sixth season on December 9, 2012, and maintained his presence till the eighth season. He appeared in the three-season of Ax Men, searching sunken logs in Florida’s Withlacoochee River.

Clint developed an interest in logging while working at a local sawmill during his freshman year. Afterward, he started his own logging business, forcing him to leave his college degree. The owner of Chapman Logging, Greg Chapman, trained Clint when he was starting the river logging business. Mike Coats, Craig Rygaard, and Mike Papac are other professional loggers of Ax Men.

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Clint Roberts, Dave Stone, and Chris Miller were the Dreadknots Logging team. Dave served as a driver, and Chris was a deckhand. Later on, Chris was replaced by Katelyn Sims. Dreadknots Logging team finds logs firing a revolver into the water and listening for differences in the echoing reports. 

Dreadknots Logging quit Ax Men and started their own underwater logging show, Underwater Empire. The show featured genuine underwater logging in a dread knot style. It aired in May 2019 and has eight episodes. Moreover, Clint also owns Three River Flooring Company.

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