Why Jimmy Smith Was Under Investigation For Illegal Logging? Age, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth, and Death.

Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith was an American professional logger most popular for his appearance in the History channel reality series Ax Men. He founded S&S Aqua Logging in South Cle Elum, Washington.

Jimmy’s logging company motto is “Recovering the forests of yesterday to save the forests of tomorrow.” His son, James Smith, is handling the S&S Aqua Logging after the death of Jimmy Smith due to cancer. Furthermore, read the article to learn more interesting facts about Jimmy Smith’s personal and professional lifestyle.

Jimmy Smith Wiki, Bio, Age

Jimmy Smith was born on 3 May 1956 in Leavenworth, Chelan County, Washington, USA. His parents James H. and Leah (Wilson) Smith, named him James Frank Smith. He grew up with his brother, Rob Smith, and three sisters, Sylvia Adams-Lance, Gloria Smith-Williams, and Rebecca Forsyth. Dud and Viola Wilson and R.R. and Bessie Smith were his grandparents. Jimmy died due to cancer at the age of 56.

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith. Image Source: Starcasm

Jimmy relocated to North Bend and joined United States Army after finishing high school. Later, he moved to Farmington, Washington, and attended Big Bend Community College. Jimmy was an avid outdoorsman who loved to hunt and fish. Similarly, he also loved his family members, dogs, and Ax Men Logging.

Was Jimmy Smith Married?

Yes, Avid outdoorsman Jimmy Smith was married. He married Sandra Jackson after leaving United States Army in North Bend. They have three children, Chad Smith, Katherine Marie Smith, and James Smith. Jimmy seemed to be a pretty private person who didn’t talk much about his personal life. He started the S&S Aqua Logging company with his son, James Smith.

James Smith
Jimmy Smith with his son, James. Image Source: Instageeked

Jimmy’s life isn’t in the spotlight as his professional career journey. Besides his wife, Sandra Jackson, Jimmy doesn’t seem to have any other extramarital relationship affair. He retired from logging and lived happily with his wife and children in Washington State.

Net worth and Salary

Jimmy began his career as a carpenter and started S&S Aqua Logging with his son James L. Smith. He has accumulated a good fortune from his logging career. However, the retired logger hasn’t disclosed his annual earnings and net worth to the tabloids. The major source of income of the former United States Army is his appearance on the reality series and S&S Aqua Logging company.

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith. Image Source: Instageeked

Moreover, the History Channel reality series Ax Men featured Jimmy and his logging company for five seasons. He felt very proud of the fact that they were featured in the History Channels TV series “Axe Men.” There is no doubt that Jimmy had hefty earnings and net worth to live a happy retired life.

Why Jimmy Smith Was Under Investigation For Illegal Logging?

Jimmy Smith Was Under Investigation For Illegal Logging because he was logging different areas without a license, claiming that natural events had made them legal to access. His logging on Ax Men alerted federal investigators to the illegal practices of the logging company. Afterward, The Department of Natural Resources issued warrants for S&S Aqua Logging crew members.

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith. Image Source: History

Nonetheless, Jimmy was also battling charges related to illegal mining and his exploitation of disability claims. He applied for disability and medical benefits years before Ax Men began filming but never dropped the claims even though he continued to work as a logger on a globally broadcast series.


Jimmy Smith died at the age of 56 on 1 November 2012  in Leavenworth, Chelan County, Washington, USA. He was battling cancer, motivated by his parents, children, and friends. His death was preceded by his grandparents, father, and daughter. His memorial service was held on 12 November 2012 at Mt. View Cemetery in Leavenworth.

Learn About Career Details

A retired logger, Jimmy Smith rose to stardom after appearing in the History Channel reality series Ax Men. He joined the series from its second season on 2 March 2009 and maintained a consistent presence till its sixth season. Ax Men featured the hard work of logging crews from different forests of Northwestern Oregon, Washington, Montana, and the rivers of Louisiana and Florida.

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Jimmy started his career in the United States Army after high school. Later on, he worked as a carpenter in Cle Elum. He started S&S Aqua Logging with a motto of committing to never cutting down a live tree and recovering the forests of yesterday to save the forests of tomorrow. He worked alongside his son, James, and teamed up with Collins River Logging in the third season of Ax Men.

An avid outdoorsman, Jimmy Smith amassed a huge name and fame after appearing in the History Channel reality series Ax Men. In Ax Men, he shared the screen with Mike Pihl, Jay Browning, and Gabe Rygaard. He was always a colorful man with big ideas and dreams.

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