Why Charlie Tucker Quit Mountain Men? Career, Relationship, and Net Worth


Charlie Tucker is an American reality television star most popular for his appearance in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. He appeared in the second series of Mountain Men but soon quit in the third season.

Also, Tucker is a businessman. He served as a licensed contractor in the logging business in North Main woods. Some people still choose to live a simple nomad lifestyle even though the world full of technologies making life simpler. You must be familiar with Charlie Tucker if you have watched the reality series Mountain Men. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Tucker’s personal and professional life.

Charlie Tucker: Age, Bio, Wiki

American reality television star Charlie Tucker seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t revealed much information regarding his personal life. In fact, Tucker hasn’t disclosed his actual date of birth to the tabloids. Thus, the actual age of reality star Charlie Tucker is still a mystery. However, Tucker was born and raised in Maine, United States.

Mountain Men
Charlie Tucker on the second season of Mountain Men. Image Source: Facebook

Tucker is successfully maintaining a borderline between personal and professional life. It seems like the former logger is a well-educated person, but he hasn’t talked much regarding his educational background. Likewise, there isn’t much information regarding Tucker’s early life and parents. Moreover, Tucker belongs to a white ethnic background and holds American nationality.

Mountain Men

Charlie Tucker rose to stardom as a reality television star appearing on the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. His close friend Jim Dumond introduced him to the scouts of the television reality show Mountain Men. Jim Dumond is a former owner of Dean’s Motor Lodge in Portage and a retired game warden. The reality television series Mountain Men features people living off the land from Alaska to North Carolina.

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Afterward, Tucker appeared on the second season of the reality series Mountain Men in 2013. However, he left the series after its third season in 2014. He appeared overall in 33 episodes of Mountain Men. Although Tucker appeared only for a short period, he garnered name and fame for himself. His fans and followers were worried about Tucker leaving the show so soon. They were curious to know the reason why Tucker left the show.

Why Charlie Tucker Quit Mountain Men?

The lifelong resident of northern Maine, Charlie Tucker quit Mountain Men of his own will. After leaving the show, there was a rumor that Tucker was fired which isn’t true. He quit Mountain Men to grab other business opportunities. He lived in the cabin built by himself and survived being a trapper in the wild. Previously, he served as a licensed contractor in the logging business in North Main woods. He was one of the successful loggers in the North Main Woods.

North Maine Woods
Charlie Tucker with the visitors at North Maine Woods. Image Source: Facebook

Tucker started working as a private leaseholder in the North Maine Woods recreational component after leaving Mountain Men. North Maine Woods Inc. is a nonprofit private corporation of forest landowners with commercial use of the land. It covers approximately 3.5 million acres north of Moosehead Lake and 175,000 acres between Millinocket, Brownville, and Greenville. North Maine Woods Inc. attracts almost over 100 thousand visitors yearly. Additionally, 60-70 percent of visitors pass through the North Maine Woods perimeter, and women numbers are growing in hunting.

Is Charlie Tucker married? Who is his wife?

Reflecting on the personal life of reality television star Charlie Tucker, he is possibly single.  Pretty private person Tucker hasn’t disclosed any information regarding his sexual orientation and relationship affairs. There isn’t any solid proof that leads to the married lifestyle and children of Charlie Tucker.

Charlie Tucker
Charlie Tucker living in the woods. Image Source: Facebook

Charlie Tucker’s personal life isn’t in the limelight as his professional career path is. Tucker never talked about his wife and children. Mountain Men reality television star Charlie Tucker lived a loner living in the woods. Thus, there isn’t any information regarding his past relationship, marriage, wife, and children. He is successfully keeping his family members out of the spotlight.

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How much is Charlie Tucker’s net worth?

Charlie Tucker established a successful career as an actor, trapper, logger, and businessman. Tucker has earned a decent fortune spreading his hands on different fields. It’s hard to put on the actual annual salary of Charlie Tucker in words. However, Tucker’s net worth is estimated to be $550,000. He generated such a decent net worth serving as a logger, fur trapper, actor, and businessman.

Charlie Tucker
Charlie Tucker at North Maine Woods. Image Source: Facebook

Even in old age, Charlie Tucker has gained so much name and fame. He taught many valuable lessons to his fans and followers about life and reconnecting with nature. He left Mountain Men and continues working as a private leaseholder attracting 100,000 visitors annually. Thus, there is no doubt that his business is making more and more profit. Previously, he survived in the woods making his own cabin and trapping fur in the winter season. Currently, former Mountain Men cast Tucker lives a simple life near North Maine Woods in Ashland, Maine. Tucker lived a primitive lifestyle and didn’t seem active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Similarly, some other reality stars who rose to stardom after appearing in the History Channel reality television series are Rich Lewis, Preston Roberts, and Marty Meierotto.

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