90-Day Fiance: Big Ed and Liz Broke up, Liz says you’ll always be a great memory


90-Day Fiance: The Single Life fans are glad that Big Ed and Liz broke up because they couldn’t watch Ed’s jealous nature anymore. 

Big Ed and Liz Broke Up

Ed and Liz from 90 Days Fiance broke up! Their relationship is over now. We have just discovered exclusively from Liz’s social media that their relationship comes to an end. It is insane because if you guys see the last episode of 90-day fiance, they didn’t break up, but they got into a fight that everyone thought would lead to their break up but ended up getting back together. 

So here’s the scoop, Liz shared a couple of photos with Big Ed on her Instagram on Monday. Which reads, “Even though our paths have led us our separate ways, you’ll always be a great memory!💔❣️Enjoy the rest of the season!!!” 


Why Big Ed and Liz broke up

She posted on Monday day after The 90-Day Fiance: Single Life aired on Sunday. What happened was on the last episode of 90-Day Fiance: Single Life, viewers thought Ed and Liz were going to end their relationship. And that is why Liz now comes out on social media and says that “yes. Ed and I now broke up. we are not together”. 

However, the complete opposite happens. In “90-Day Fiance: Single Life” with Ed and Liz is that they both met up with Tiffany, Ed’s daughter. If you don’t already know Tiffany, she is older than Liz. 

Ed and Liz met with Tiffany which was pretty awkward. 

Big Ed daughter Tiffany
Big Ed daughter Tiffany/Source: Instagram

On that same night, Liz, Ed, and Tiffany ended up going out having some fun with a couple of Tiffany’s friends. And that is when Tiffany and her friends talking about Liz behind her back. But they didn’t know that Liz was exactly behind them and hearing everything they are talking about. They said, “why can’t she met someone of her age.” 

Tiffany feels uncomfortable as her father is dating someone of her age. Tiffany was upset Liz heard that, and she got furious. Ed was asking her continuously, “why are you mad?” Finally, Liz said “shut up” to Ed, and she went back to the hotel, bought herself a ticket, and left. While Ed gets back to the hotel, she was already gone. At that moment, fans thought that was the end; they are now going to break up. 

But then Ed invited Liz over a couple of days later. Ed apologized to Liz, and Liz also said that she cares about him and sees a future with him. And finally, they were back together. But now we can confirm that they broke up. 

Another Possible Reason

We can guess what happened. What may happen is she was probably getting hate, people were rude, people were probably saying you’re using Ed for fame and all. She may be sick of all that people and come out on social media and say, “we’re not together anymore.” That might be the valid reason why she did it. 

Social Media Update

Fans are continuously asking about Liz and Big ed breakup on Liz’s Instagram. On Monday one of her followers asks her a question on her post about why they don’t follow each other on social media.

In a reply, Liz wrote “I am going to be completely honest!!! we used to follow each other for a short amount of time and then I stopped because his page is a bit much haha. I don’t think many people would disagree with that. It’s over-posted and would blow up my news feed. 🤗 I had the dude, I didn’t need to see him on my phone every second I opened my social media app especially when we were pretty much next to each other all the time.

She continues “Also clearly we broke up and that’s all out in the air, so of course, we don’t follow each other. While we are on a partial topic, my heart was very much involved! I work 60 plus hours a week so I am extremely tired of having 4 cameras in my face on my only time of which consists of hours of filming. It’s a full workday I’m doing in my only spare time. On another partial topic, I broke silence because Ed has no problem posting pictures of other girls “young girls” and his trips and drunkenly added a video of what he’s looking for in his next woman already spilling the beans, I should not have to be respectful back and keep my silence constantly covering the scene and being tagged in his outings. It’s not my business anymore.

She added “I am allowed to live my life publicly or in private without living in someone else shadow, in hiding, or secretively. ❤️❤️❤️ God bless”

Sneak Peek Confusing Story

Ed was to ask her to move in on the show’s sneak peek, which makes fans more confusing. They are getting back together on the show, but they have broken up in the present day. But we see in the sneak peek of the next episode, they were on a beach, hanging out, and Ed says, “will you move in with me.”

90 days fiance liz and big ed
Big Ed and Liz with Daughter/ Source: Instagram

Ed lives in a small house, and recently her mother also moves in with him. More interesting this is that Liz also has a daughter. The question is, how will he manage to live in his small house. How could Liz move in that situation? This might be another thing that led Liz to end their relationship. 

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