Tammy Slaton: her weight loss journey and struggles.

Tammy Slaton's weight loss

Today we will discuss the 1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey and her struggles with colossal body.

The 1000 pound sister has been on youtube for quite a bit before getting their tv show and gaining massive readings. Fans have been following the sisters and their weight loss journey eagerly. Among the two, Tammy Slaton is the one who gained 115 pounds more in just a matter of months instead of losing weight. We have got all the details in this article about Tammy Slaton’s health complications, her struggles, and her relationship with her sister Amy Slaton. 

Tammy Slaton’s weight loss

1000-LB Sisters Tammy has undergone a significant transformation. But rather than improving, she turns down the offer; she gave up on diet and exercise because of the COVID-19 quarantine.


Her doctor also suggested that she see the new medical provider to keep an eye on her. Regrettably, this was ineffective. Tammy increased her weight from 550 pounds to 665 pounds, according to her. This equates to gaining 115 pounds in just a few months. Her family is worried about her weight and has advised her to seek care at the hospital. Tammy, on the other hand, was on the verge of declining. It’s difficult for her to talk about her weight or make anyone do so. But unless anything is done quickly, she will perish because she is so big her mother has already purchased a double plot for her. 

605 and pound sister Tammy needs help with everyday tasks and moved in with her sister and brother-in-law after a stint in a hospital. 

How did Slaton’s sister start gaining weight?

1000 lb sister is the most unfiltered of the TLC reality shows. The reality show, which premiered in January, Jan 2020 about the Slaton sisters. Amy and Tammy Slaton are American sisters from Kentucky. The title of the show suggests; both sisters suffer from severe obesity. There the total weight is over 1000 pounds. Even though both sisters were average weight as infants, their lives start to change during their teenage years.

Amy’s grandmother died when she was ten years old, and the children were devastated. As a result, when Amy and Tammy’s grandmother died, they had to rely on processed food to keep their stomachs full. 

Amy shared, “My mother worked two to three jobs at once, and my grandmother was our mother. Our entire life changed when she died.” After their older sibling left the family, Amy and Tammy were forced to rely on frozen pizza and ramen noodles. 

It’s what we ate to keep ourselves alive, and it’s not healthy. That’s what we hate to stay alive, and it’s not good for you. Depression and simply struggling to survive had caught up with us.” Ammy Slaton explained.

Chronic health issues limited Tammy Slaton’s mobility keeping her most housebound for years. But she also suffered from severe depression, according to the star of TLC’s 1000 lb sisters. In December 2019, she told People that the loneliness she was experiencing had gotten to the point where she contemplated suicide. 

Tammy Slaton's Weight Loss
Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss/Source: Instagram

Tammy is confined to her home and weighs 665 pounds. Across the year’s sisters gained a lot of weight which created a lot of problems. Tammy was also considering harming herself due to her chronic diabetes and heart attacks. Though, the entire thing served as a wake-up call for Tammy, who realize she needed to make adjustments. For the most part, she was reliant on Amy. With season 2 set to premiere in 2021, fans asked if tammy would undergo weight loss surgery like her sister Amy. A lot of fans thoughts Tammy is jealous of Amy Slaton. 

Will Tammy Slaton be able to lose weight?

Reviewing Season 2 of the show, Tammy seems to committed to her task of losing enough weight to be a candidate for surgery. 

Tammy’s weight loss journey hasn’t gone as smoothly. Her weight at 665 pounds is putting her life in jeopardy. To be eligible for weight loss surgery, she must first lose enough weight on her own to make the procedure less risky. It’s an uphill struggle for the reality star, which is made more complicated by her propensity for making poor decisions. Jerry, her boyfriend, didn’t help matters. Tammy’s family called him out in season 2 for taking fast-food meals to Tammy. Tammy then contracted COVID 19 and admitted to the hospital with respiratory difficulties. Tammy Slaton doesn’t seem to be losing weight on 1000 lb sisters. On the other hand, Chris Combs is attempting to partner with his sister to help her live a healthier lifestyle. However, it doesn’t appear that the progress Chris is making is inspiring Tammy in any way. 

Chris Combs from 1000-LB sisters
Chris Combs from 1000-LB sisters/ Source: TLC

Tammy is sharing the videos from inside a medical facility although she isn’t admitting to seeking clinical advice. Fans can often hear the beeping sound of the monitor and hospital tiles in this recording. On the other hand, her face is beginning to look a lot slimmer in the picture she’s showing off. Tammy hopefully is getting the clinical support she needs. Season one accompanied Tammy and Amy when they met with Dr. Proctor, a bariatric surgeon who decided to achieve their weight loss targets. 

Season 2 preview on Tammy Slaton’s weight loss

Amy was able to complete the weight loss target set by Dr. Proctor and undergo surgery. Amy had lost over 120 pounds by the end of season one. Tammy was close to achieving her weight loss target when the COVID 19 pandemic struck. 

The viewers watched tammy check in with Dr. Eric Smith during the season finale of the show. “Do or Die,” which aired March 8. During a consultation, she admitted that she was struggling with her diet. Tammy tries to stick to her diet during the pandemic, as seen in season two of 1000 Lb sisters. Tammy referred to another bariatric surgeon closer to their hometown, Kentucky, after consulting with Dr. Proctor and evaluating her weight gain. He thought he couldn’t keep a close eye on Tammy’s health because he was in Georgia. She posted a youtube video on November 28, 2020, in which she discussed how she contracted COVID 19 and Pneumonia. She rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

The TLC star continued, “I was in the hospital for about two weeks. now I am doing great. I mean, yes, I am on Oxygen. that to keep my lungs sturdy strength. Also, I won’t be on Oxygen much longer. before I was on 15 liters of Oxygen, and now I am on three. I had lost weight, but then COVID got me.” 

She says, “after I got out of the hospital, I just kind of gave up.

Tammy’s doctor and family are worried about her continuing weight gain. Smith claims his patient has a food addiction, and she needs counseling to correct the root causes of her eating difficulties.

Tammy Slaton's weight loss
Tammy Slaton’s weight loss/ Source: Instagram

Tammy’s brother Chris Combs says, “it’s almost a do or dye situation for her.” Tammy says she needs more support if she wants to lose weight by the end of the 1000 LB sister’s finale. She concluded that attending a facility was the safest way forward after a frank discussion with Chris. Her sister Amy Slaton and other family members finding a facility that could accept her, on the other hand, proved difficult.

Well, we sure hope Tammy Slaton gets back on track and does get her life back. The reality star has been struggling with depression and weight issues: nothing but the best wishes. That’s all for now. Stay connected with celebwatch to know more about the star. What do you think about Tammy Slaton’s weight loss? Comment down below what you think will be Tammy Slaton’s fate. 


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