Adam Busby Joins In On The Bernie Sanders Meme


OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby is jumping onto the Bernie Sanders bandwagon. The TLC star shared a new photo of himself featuring Sanders.

Currently, memes of Bernie Sanders are circulating all over the Internet. An image of Sanders at Joe Biden’s inauguration is being added to all kinds of photos. In the original photo, Sanders is sitting on a chair wearing a jacket, a face mask, and his mittens. For some reason, the photo gained a lot of attention.

So, celebrities are adding Bernie to their own photos. He’s also making appearances in famous works of art, movie scenes, and more. People are also adding things, such as cats, to Bernie’s lap.

One celebrity who decided to join in is Adam Busby. He shared a photo of himself and Bernie on his couch. Adam writes, “Stuck on the couch icing this leg. Might as well have some company… ”

What’s wrong with Adam Busby’s leg?

In the photo, you can see that Adam is propping up his leg and icing it. He replied to a concern fan and revealed that he tore his quad. It’s unclear what the next step in the healing process may be, but it’s possible that Adam will need to rest for a while.

OutDaughtered fans love the new photo

For the most part, fans of the Busby family are loving Adam’s photo. They think that it’s hilarious, and they love that he’s jumping on this trend.

Some of Adam’s followers are declaring this the best Bernie meme they’ve seen so far.

One fan jokes, “Get better soon. Is ur house cold he looks really bundled lol.” This is because Bernie is wearing his coat and mittens indoors.

Adam’s wife Danielle commented on the post, saying, “Hahahaha SO THATS what you were doing.” She must have caught him preparing to take the photo and wondered what was going on.

Adam Busby replies to comments about Bernie Sanders

In one comment, a fan references Adam’s injury, writing, “Well, at least he will pay all the medical bills.” Adam replied, writing, “Doh!”

One Bernie critic comments, “If he were on my couch with me I’d burn it.” To this, Adam jokes, “you mean bern it..?”

While some fans dislike that Adam is sharing a photo with Bernie in it, many understand that it’s just a trend on the Internet. For the most part, people seem to think the meme is funny, even if they don’t particularly like Bernie himself.

It’s unclear where Adam stands politically, and it’s possible that he’s keeping that information under wraps. He may not want to get political on social media. Notably, he turned off the comments on his “I voted” photo a few months ago.

So, what do you think of Adam Busby’s new photo featuring Bernie Sanders? Do you like seeing more and more people take part in this trend? Leave a comment below.

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