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Danielle Busby Instagram

On Sunday, OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby posted on Instagram and shared a new photo of her daughters. In the picture, the six girls are all dressed up. It’s possible they’re heading to church.

In the caption, Danielle writes, “If i have to say so myself…I got me just a couple of stylish little ladies 💕 #girlmama #sisters.”

While most of the girls are wearing clothing from Graeson Bee, which is Danielle’s boutique, Parker Kate is not. Danielle explains that she bought it with her allowance. The mom writes, “Everyone got a toy, and she was insistent on the dress.”

In the photo, the girls aren’t wearing matching clothes, but the colors of their clothes are coordinating. They’re wearing black, white, gray, and a little bit of pale pink. Big sister Blayke has decided to accessorize with a hat and a purse.

OutDaughtered fans love new photo of Busby girls

Naturally, fans are loving the newest picture that Danielle posted. In the comments section, they are commenting and talking about how cute the girls look. Fans are especially impressed with the accessories that Blayke picked out to go with her dress.

Just a few hours after the photo was posted, it had already received 70,000 likes. Plus, there are a handful of comments.

One fan points out, “It’s so awesome that you were letting the quints express themselves by picking out their own outfits.” Another agrees, “It’s so nice and refreshing to finally see them wearing their own choices and not being forced to be identical.”

A couple of fans are mentioning how similar Blayke looks to Danielle. They think the eldest Busby girl resembles her mom and has a great sense of style too.

Danielle Busby on social media

While fans are loving the new picture of the OutDaughtered girls, this isn’t the first time that Danielle has shared a picture of her kids. She’s very active on social media and shares new pictures of the girls quite often. She likes to keep fans updated on what’s going on behind the scenes, especially when new episodes of the family’s show aren’t airing.

On Instagram, Danielle has just under 2 million followers, which is quite impressive. Most of her followers appear to be TLC viewers. Of course, some of her loyal fans may only know her from social media and not TV.

Lately, Danielle has been open about her health issues on social media. She’s been dealing with some health-related scares and has had to undergo extensive testing. Based on her latest update, it sounds like she avoided a major surgery. But there are still some unknowns about her health.

If you’d like to see more updates about the Busby family, be sure to follow Danielle on Instagram.

So, what do you think of the new picture of all six girls? Do you like seeing updated pictures of them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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