Duggar Sisters Joy & Jessa Get Professional Family Photos Taken

Jessa Seewald, Joy Forsyth, Duggar sisters

Fans of the Duggar family love to see new updates from them. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids, and their kids are getting married and having kids of their own. So, there are lots of people to keep up with in the Duggar family. Two of the Duggar sisters are sharing special family photos that they had taken recently.

Currently, new episodes of Counting On aren’t airing. So, fans follow the family members on social media. There, the grown kids share photos of their everyday lives and answer fans’ questions. Some of them have gained an impressive following on social media.

Duggar sisters post new photos by same photographer

Both Joy-Anna Forsyth and Jessa Seewald shared their new family photos. Joy’s photos feature herself, her husband Austin, and their two kids, Gideon, 2, and Evelyn, newborn. Jessa’s family is herself, her husband Ben, and their kids, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 3, and Ivy, 1.

Both families’ pictures were taken outdoors. It looks like they might have been taken on separate days, as it was raining in Joy’s photos and not in Jessa’s.

In Joy’s photos, she showed off her newly dyed hair for the first time.

You can see Joy’s family’s photos here.

You can see Jessa’s family’s photos here. Jessa reveals that they hadn’t had pictures taken professionally in four years. So, she was extra excited to have them done.

Duggar fans gush over new family pictures

In response to the sisters’ new pictures, fans of the family are sending lots of love. They seem to be impressed with how the photos turned out, and they hope to see even more of them. They also can’t believe how quickly the kids are growing up.

Here’s what a few fans had to say about the Duggar sisters’ pictures:

  • “Beautiful!”
  • “wow, such dreamy pictures.”
  • “Love 💕 Jessa is a timeless beauty.”
  • “Oh my word!! These are amazing!!!😍😍😍😍”

The sisters also received plenty of emojis in their comments sections. Some fans left hearts and others left smiles. Overall, it looks like fans are in love with the photos.

Both sisters tagged the photographer, Darian Kaia, in their posts.

Did the other Duggar sisters have family photos taken?

It’s possible that Jim Bob and Michelle gifted their kids a family photoshoot for Christmas this year. So, we might see other family members sharing their own family photos very soon.

Perhaps there will even be an updated photo of the entire family. Fans haven’t seen the whole family together for a while. Even if they attempted to get a family photo of everyone, some kids would still be missing. For one, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo live in Los Angeles, California and didn’t go back to Arkansas for the holidays.

So, what do you think of the family’s professional photos? Do you like seeing photos of the kids growing up? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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