David Eason Gets More Vocal On Conservative Politics

David Eason on MTV

David Eason never pretended he wasn’t a conservative when it comes to politics. In fact, unapologetic, he liked nothing better than upsetting Jenelle Evans’ fans by wearing his Confederate flag. Even before he got fired by MTV, Teen Mom fans hated him and some even said he’s a right-wing extremist. Nowadays, he seems to be more vocal on his political stances, probably because neither of them needs to worry about MTV and political correctness.

David Eason fired for homophobic comments

We reported that Jenelle Evans claimed MTV never fired her. According to her, they only suspended her for a season. However, the call back never came. She claimed her contract only expires in march 2021. And then, she hopes to talk with other networks about more reality TV. In fact, she even mentioned filming David and her on The Land. But will any network want them? After all, David was fired way before he killed Nugget the dog that saw the demise of his wife.

MTV fired David Eason for allegedly making homophobic comments on social media. People reminds fans that soon after that, he upset Teen Mom fans by posting himself with the Confederate flag. At the time, he captioned his post with, “Where I’m from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land.” He added, “Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree! Thanks @rednecknation.”

More vocal on conservative politics – will another network sign them on?

Since that 2019 post with the Confederate flag, things changed in the political scene. As everyone knows, the Trump supporters are working themselves into a frenzy about the 2020 elections. With massive protests, claims of election fraud, and even threats of civil war, David seems inclined to fully support the “patriots.” Notably, it’s not an offense to vote for Trump. It’s not an offense to wear the Confederate flag either. But many networks don’t like that sort of thing.

In recent times, David Eason took aim at the news outlets and networks. On November 19, he reposted a TikTk video about the mainstream media. He noted that they “all have the same agenda.” and said that they “constantly attack the president for taxes.” But they themselves “avoid” paying tax. Then on November 20, he posted another political post, saying, “Some people are turning in their graves because yall voted Trump while the other people in their graves went out and voted for Biden!.”

David Eason more vocal on conservative politics
David Eason | Instagram

Latest post slams Nancy Pelosi

On January 4, David shared a post on his Instagram Stories about Nancy Pelosi stripping gender preferences from the House of Representatives. The caption read, “It’s like we’re all getting closer to hell. Maybe it’s time for the lord to step in.” Now, hundreds of thousands of people share those things on Parler, Gab, and Twitter. But if Jenelle hopes for a new reality TV show, it might count against her.

David Eason Politics

David Eason is already controversial from MTV. Teen Mom fired both of them. And, it’s not clear they will ever take them back. The bottom line is, most networks follow a more liberal line these days. In fact, try racking your brains for any current network with good ratings who might want a right-wing conservative on their platform. Actually, you probably stand a better chance of finding a dog lover singing his praises.

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