Are Hannah Brown & Adam Woolard Well-Suited?

Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown dating rumors emerged some time ago. But she only revealed for certain on Valentine’s Day that she now dates Adam Woolard. Bachelorette fans wonder how well-suited they might be. After all, she and Pilot Pete never worked out. And despite people hoping she’d get back together with Tyler Cameron, that went out the door. In fact, a lot of people sometimes wonder if Hannah Brown even knows what she wants.

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard share common interests

When Hannah Brown made her great announcement that she dates Adam Woolard, they saw a guy who looked rather similar to Tyler. But if you paid attention to her men on Bachelorette, she didn’t really seem stuck on one type of guy. After all, Tyler came over as a very different personality from Peter Weber. And Jed Wyatt didn’t have the same good looks as Tyler. Of course, Luke Parker was very much a different sort of man altogether.

When ABC fans first saw the photo of Adam Woolard many of them sounded keen on finding out more about him. Unfortunately, Adam keeps his Instagram private, so it’s useless looking there. Mind you, once Hannah Brown gets into a guy, she doesn’t really hold back much. So in time, Bachelorette fans probably hear a lot more about him from her than anyone else. However, a few things come out that suggest they seemed well-suited in a lot of ways.

How well-suited is the couple?

US Weekly said that Adam Woolard enjoys sport, and one of those includes kickboxing. Bachelor Nation fans know that Hannah is into that. So, there’s a strong common bond. Plus, he also comes from the South. When Hollywood Life dug into Adam’s background, they noted that he models and did so since 2016. And Hannah Brown also did that with her pageantry. So, that’s another common bond they share.

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard share a few more common things. The outlet reported that he got himself a good education. “He received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Finance in 2009. He then received his MBA from Lipscomb University in 2012.” Well, Hannah Brown’s no dummy either. She also attended university in Alabama and earned her degree in Communication and Information Sciences. So, intellectually, they seem well-suited.

Hannah Brown & Adam Woolard Well-Suited
Credit: Hannah Brown | Instagram

Adam and Hannah share interests in lifestyle

Everyone who follows the Bachelorette star knows that she enjoys a bit of introspective meditation. Plus, she’s all into wellness. Over on his Instagram, Adam reveals that he’s something of a coach in “meditation/lifestyle.” While his main career focus is on banking and finance, that’s not a bad thing. Some fans might agree that too much similarity equates to boredom.

What do you think about Hannah Brown dating Adam Woolard, a man she shares many common interests with? Do you agree that they seem quite well-suited? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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