‘Alaska: The Last Frontier:’ See Beautiful New Photos Of The Kilchers

Eve Kilcher Instagram

Eve, Eivin, and the rest of the Kilcher family are well-loved by Alaska: The Last Frontier fans. So, many of them follow the family on social media for updates about their real life. This is especially helpful when the show isn’t airing new episodes. Plus, not everything that happens in the Kilcher family’s life can be featured on the show. There’s just not enough time for it all.

In a recent Instagram post, Eve shared a photo of each of her kids, as well as herself. They’re all decked out in Carhartt gear as they spend some time outdoors in the snow. It’s certainly a good way for everyone to stay warm.

In her post, the mom writes, “Thanks @carhartt for providing some awesome winter gear. Always keeping us warm and cozy while we get outside to play.”

The kids are sitting in the pile of snow that hit the family’s homestead, and the cold doesn’t seem to bother them. Maybe it’s because they’re used to it. But the warm gear might be making a difference too.

Eve doesn’t necessarily state that the products were gifted to them by Carhartt. But it’s possible that she has a partnership with the company. Sometimes, companies will partner with social media users who have a large following. They may gift the social media user products that they must promote to their followers. So, this could be the case here.

Alaska: The Last Frontier fans love new pictures

Naturally, fans of the Kilcher family love seeing new updates from them. They especially like to see photos of the kids as they grow up. They are always growing and changing, and fans just can’t keep up.

Some fans pointed out that the Carhartt gear that the family is wearing is expensive. But, as mentioned, it could be a partnership. The family might have received the merchandise for free to promote it.

Here’s what some of Eve’s followers have to say:

  • “Wow! Warm cozy and BRIGHT! You will never lose them in that gear 👏👏👏”
  • “And visible it looks like!!👍🏻👍🏻”
  • “Glad y’all have snow, we are getting some ice.”
  • “My daughter loves those hats!!!”

Plenty of heart emojis and smiley emojis are rolling in as well. Fans can’t help but gush over the cute family.

It’s likely that Eve will share another photo of her kids and herself very soon. Fans seem to love it, and she has plenty of potential content to keep fans engaged in her social media posts. They seem to be fascinated by the Alaskan lifestyle. Of course, they have fallen in love with the Kilcher family after watching them on TV.

So, what do you think of the family’s new photos? Do you like seeing new pictures of Eve and the kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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