Otto Kilcher Death rumors! Net worth, family tree, wife, children, and everything


If you are a big fan of the American reality show ‘Alaska The Last Frontier.’ you might probably know Otto Kilcher. He is one of the most famous casts of the reality show. In recent days, there have been rumors about his death which has made his fans worried about him. 

Stick with us to get more information about his wives, net worth, age, family, early life, childhood, and kids. 

Who is Otto Kilcher? Wiki, Age, Bio

Otto Kilcher, the famous star, was born on the 19th of April 1952 in Fritz Creek, Alaska, The United States of America. As of now, Otto is 69 years old. He belongs to the American nationality and Swiss ethnic group.

Otto Kilcher
Otto Kilcher, the popular cast of Alaska: The Last Frontier

Family, Early Life, and Childhood

When it comes to the family of Otto Kilcher, he belongs to the Swiss family Background. His family migrated from Switzerland to the United States during World War II. The name of his parents is Yule Kilcher and Ruth Kilcher. He is the sixth child of Yule and Ruth.

Alaska The Last Frontier
The Kilcher family and cast member of Alaska: The Last Frontier

Otto had an interest in fixing the home devices from his childhood days. As he had experiences of fixing devices at his home, it has helped him a lot in the future because he opened a mechanic shop. Also, he taught his kids mechanics.

Moreover, he had a deep interest in singing and also playing musical instruments.

The career and rise in fame of Otto

The professional career of Otto began in the early 2010s. He first started his TV career through Discovery Channel when the channel was looking for a family in a new reality show based in Alaska. In the year 2011, the Kilcher family got picked for the show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” The first episode of the show aired on the 29th of December 2011 on the Discovery Channel. He starred alongside Jane Kilcher and Jewel Kilcher in his show. However, the show had only three episodes in the first season.

With time, Alaska The Last Frontier started to gain popularity and had many episodes in the show. The reality series has more than ten seasons and 150 episodes.

Moreover, he also has his own business, “Otto Machine,” as he was interested in mechanical stuff from his early age. He is a professional mechanic.

Relationship Status, Wife, and Children

Talking about the marital status of Otto Kilcher, he has been married three times in his lifetime. First, he married a woman named Olga Von Zegasar. They did not have any kids together. However, the relationship between them could not succeed for a long while. So, he married Sharon McKemie. Sharon and Otto have two sons together. Although they have two sons together, their marriage could not last for a long time as well.

The names of children Otto had with Sharon are; Levi Kilcher and Eivin Kilcher. After the divorce from Sharon, he married Charlotte Adamson, who is a famous biologist. As of now, this couple has already been married for more than 20 years. They have two children together, Torrey Kilcher and August Kilcher.

Otto Kilcher and Charlotte
Otto Kilcher with his wife, Charlotte

It seems like Charlotte and Otto are living a great life together. As per what Otto explained on his website, he fixes the broken things, takes care of the cattle, does farming and hunting. His wife, Charlotte, looks after the garden, cows, and chickens. They have a happy and contained life.

How rich is Otto Kilcher? His Net Worth

As of 2020, Otto Kilcher has already collected a net worth of around $5 million. As he is a famous cast of the popular reality show Alaska: The Last Frontier, he makes an impressive amount of money. Although his primary source of income is the reality show, he has his own business, ‘Otto Machine.’ His business has been helping a lot, and he earns more than $100 thousand per year.

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Social Media Facts

Otto is quite a popular man on social media. Although Otto is in his late 60s, he has gained huge social media followers. He has around 34K followers in his social media accounts, with only nine followings. Hence, we can conclude that he has a huge fan base.

Here is his recent post on his official Instagram account.

Moreover, he is also active on Twitter. He has around 13K followers on his Twitter account.

Is Otto Kilcher Dead? Death Rumors

After Otto Kilcher suffered from a blood clot in the year 2016, there were death rumors about this famous personality all over the internet. As he had to go through hernia surgery and dealt with a blood clot, he went through a long recovery process. Although he was sick and had a very tough time dealing with the healing process, he is alive. He is still living a healthy life even in his late 60s.

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