‘OutDaughtered’ Busby Family’s 2nd Louisiana Christmas

OutDaughtered Christmas

OutDaughtered fans saw that the Busby family went on a Thanksgiving vacation in Oklahoma. Actually, Danielle and Adam took a bit of heat for traveling over the holidays. But they don’t seem worried about critics who tell them off about the pandemic and travel. The TLC stars just left Houston, Texas again, and went to Lake Charles in Louisiana for a second Christmas.

OutDaughtered Christmas in Louisiana

Adam Busby slapped back at critics who slammed them for taking their Thanksgiving vacation in Oklahoma. He felt the family took every precaution as they went and stayed in the wilderness. Plus, they avoided shopping malls and crowds. Popculture reported that one TLC fan grew very angry. They wrote, “Why won’t you stop traveling? What is wrong with you and your extended family that you cannot seem to follow the guidelines? I am disgusted. Plus, the critic added, “You have traveled several times since this started. I am out.”

Well, the OutDaughtered family might rack up even more critics now. They celebrated Christmas at home with Danielle’s sisters, husbands, her mom, and all the cousins. She shared photos of them all posing for a group photo. But now, it turns out that they also left Houston, Texas since then, and went to Louisiana for a “second Christmas.” The news came via Adam Busby on December 27.

Adam Bubsy’s parents and family live in Louisiana

While Adam and Danielle live in Texas, they both grew up in Port Charles, Louisiana. Recently, when Hurricane Laura slammed the place, his parents and sister arrived in Texas for shelter. But they later returned home. Now, the Busby family went up to their place and enjoy a second Christmas with Adam’s family.

Adam shared a photo of the girls at play. He captioned it with, “Christmas part two in Louisiana!”  Well, a few fans cautioned them about staying safe.” But very few negative comments arrived on the post. However, there are a lot fewer comments than usual. So perhaps the OutDaughtered dad cleaned up any heavy criticism.

OutDaughtered Second Christmas Louisiana
Adam Busby | Instagram

Danielle shares some snaps from Louisana as well

On her Instagram, Danielle shared some photos of the quints’ little cousin. She captioned them with, “Dress up 👗 and girly secrets 🤫it just doesn’t get much cuter and girlier than that 🤗 💕.”

Once again, most of the comments from OutDaughtered fans seemed positive. Here’s what some of them said to Danielle Busby:

  • “Omg they look like sweet little fairies!”
  • “So much cuteness in one picture .. 😀🙏”
  • “Girl secrets…cute until they’re not. Watch out! 😂😢”
  • “Thx. This made my night Love me some busby pics.”
  • “Awww Oh that’s so cute picture ♥️”
OutDaughtered quints and cousins
dbusby | Instagram

As you can see, not many people bothered slamming the OutDaughtered family for traveling again. So, either they deleted negative comments, or critics just grow tired of being ignored.

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