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What does Harry Youren do for a Living? Age, Career, Relationship, and Net Worth

American reality star Harry Youren touched stardom after appearing in the History Channel reality television series Mountain Men. He appeared in the eighth season of Mountain Men, and he is still maintaining his consistent presence in the series. Previously, he appeared in the reality series Way Out West which featured his daily life adventures.

Also, Harry is a cowboy, hound hunter, and a big game guide. He experienced hunting from his early age. His family has always been in frontiersmen, and he is the sixth generation of hunters from the Youren family. If you are familiar with the Mountain Men reality series, Harry Youren won’t be a new name for you. Furthermore, learn more interesting facts on Harry Youren’s personal and professional life.

Harry Youren Age, Wiki, Bio

Reality star Harry Youren seems to be a pretty private person who hasn’t disclosed much information regarding his personal life. In fact, Harry hasn’t revealed his actual date of birth to the tabloids. Thus, Harry’s age is still a mystery to his fans and followers. Some sources claim that his age seems in between 50 to 55 whereas other claims to be 30. However, he seems to be living his 30s looking at his recent pictures. He was born and raised in Idaho, United States. His father, Dusty Youren, also served as a frontiersman and lived in the wilderness.

Youren Outfitters
Harry Youren. Image Source: Youren Outfitters

Harry grew up with his brothers Kidd and Matt Youren in Idaho. Their family relocated to Idaho and began hunting in the 1860s. His father, Dusty Youren, took Harry out for hunting before he could even walk. Also, his father taught him the ways of frontiersmen from an early age. Reality star Harry studied at Fernie Secondary School and attended hard nock. Moreover, Harry holds an American nationality.

Is Harry Youren married?

No, Mountain Men regular cast Harry Youren doesn’t seem to be a married man. Thus, there is no further question regarding his wife and children. Reflecting on the personal life of Harry, he is possibly single. A pretty private person, Harry hasn’t talked much regarding his sexual orientation and romantic relationship affairs. Reality star Harry has successfully kept the borderline between his love life and professional life.

Harry Youren
Youren Brothers. Image Source: Facebook

The personal life of Harry Youren isn’t in the limelight as his professional career journey is. It seems like he lived a loner lifestyle in the wilderness of the Mountains. Harry is a heartthrob for many ladies, with his perfect body measurements matching his height and weight. He is always accompanied by his brother Kidd Youren and pet dogs in the wilderness.

How much is Harry Yoren Net Worth?

Frontierman Harry Youren built up a successful career living in the wilderness. His success took a different height after appearing in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. Also, he appeared in truTV’s reality series Way Out West. However, Harry reality star Harry Youren hasn’t disclosed his actual annual salary and net worth to the tabloids. The major source of his income is appearing on Mountain Men and Youren Outfitters hunting guide. They charge about $3500 to $6000 a week for Outlanders to take out for hunting.

Mountain Men
Harry Youren alongside his brother Kidd and A big tom. Image Source: Facebook

On the other hand, Mountain Men regular casts average income per episode is estimated at around $35,00. This figure may vary depending on the stardom and importance of the casts in the History Channel series Mountain Men. Harry is still maintaining his presence in Mountain Men. Thus, there is no doubt that Harry’s income and net worth vary in the future with his more success in his professional career journey.

Social Media

Harry Youren has two Facebook account. His first account was created in November 2007 which he left using since 2014. Later on, he created another self-entitled Facebook account to keep in touch with his fans and followers. We found out about his relationship with Jeffrey R. Severance and Josie Huston through his first account. He has also updated the place he lived in detail on his first Facebook account. Besides Facebook, he doesn’t seem to be active on other social media like Instagram and Twitter. However, the Mountain Men official page still posted his updates on Twitter as well as Instagram.

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Learn about Career Details of Harry Youren

Talking about the professional career journey of Harry Youren, he is a frontiersman, cowboy, hound hunter, and a big game guide. He gained name and fame after appearing in the History Channel reality television series Mountain Men. Previously, he also starred in truTV’s reality series Way Out West alongside his brothers Kidd and Matt Youren. He spent almost all his lifetime hunting. He and his brother Kidd faced many difficulties and accidents in the wilderness. Mountain Men series showed them blowing up a beaver dam using explosives and surviving an ATV accident.

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Harry easily adopts different areas and terrain as he has traveled different regions with his family to find the best hunting locations. He loves working with his dogs and spent most of his time with them. Harry still uses old-school methods to hunt down cougar and other animals. He has provided guide service in Utah, Nevada, British Colombia, and Pacific Northwest in Idaho. Moreover, he started Youren Outfitters and offered the finest hound hunting experience in the United States. Youren Outfitters is the last frontiers in the lower 48 outside of Boise, Idaho. He guides elk hunting during the fall and cougar and bear hunting in winter and spring.

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