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Who is Kidd Youren’s Wife? Age, Career, Relationship, Daughter, and Net Worth

Kidd Youren is an American reality star most popular for his appearance in the History Channel reality television series Mountain Men. In 2014, he appeared alongside his brothers and wife, Kelsey Helfrich, in the truTV’s reality series Way Out West.

His father, Dusty Youren, taught him to be the frontierman from his early age. Kidd is also a cowboy, hound hunter, and frontierman, just like his brother Harry Youren. If you have watched the History Channel reality series Mountain Men, you must be familiar with Kidd Youren. Furthermore, read the whole article to learn more interesting facts on Kidd Youren’s age, career, relationship, wife, children, and net worth.

Kidd Youren Age, Wiki, Bio

The Youren brothers haven’t talked much regarding their personal life to the tabloids. In fact, Kidd Young hasn’t even disclosed his actual date of birth to the tabloids. Thus, the real age of Kidd Young is still a mystery to his fans and followers. However, some sources have claimed Kidd was born in the 1970s, and his age is somewhere between 50 to 55 years. Kidd seems to be living his 30s looking at his recent pictures. He was born and raised in Idaho, United States, alongside his brothers Harry and Matt Youren.

Youren Brothers
Kidd Youren alongside his brother Harry Youren in childhood. Image Source: Facebook

Kidd is the son of Dusty Youren, who served as the frontiersman and lived in the wilderness. His father taught Kidd and his other two brothers the ways of frontiersmen from a young age. Kidd experienced hunting at his early age as his father often took him hunting in the wild. Although his family moved a lot while growing up, he considers Garden Valley as his hometown. Reality star Kidd seems to be an educated person, but he hasn’t disclosed his educational background to the tabloids.

Is Kidd Youren married? Who is his wife?

Yes, American reality star Kidd Youren is a married man. He married his longtime girlfriend, Kelsey Helfrich. The married couple is keeping their personal life far from the tabloid. However, they seem to be married in 2009 after Kidd’s father retired from his business. They have a lovely daughter, Fallon Youren. They haven’t revealed the birthdate of their daughter as well. The personal life of Kidd Youren doesn’t seem to be in the limelight as his professional career journey.

Kidd Youren
Kidd Youren spending quality time with his family. Image Source: Facebook

Kelsey Helfrich is also a former reality star who appeared in truTV’s reality television series Way Out West. Oregon native Kelsey helped her father in the wilderness during summer. She is so much into water that she is often found either fishing or rafting. Besides fishing and rafting, she also serves as a board of directors at The Redside Foundation and Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association (IOGA). In addition, she is also the owner of Helfrich River Outfitters. Except for his wife, Kelsey Helfrich, Kidd doesn’t seem to have any other extramarital relationship affairs. He is happy with his beautiful wife and a lovely daughter.

How much is Kidd Youren’s Net Worth?

Reality star Kidd Youren’s success in the wilderness has helped him achieve a huge income and net worth. But still, Kidd hasn’t talked much about his annual salary and net worth with the tabloids. He is one of the regular cast of the History Channel reality series Mountain Men and truTV’s reality television series Way Out West. Likewise, he is the owner of Youren Outfitters and provides a hunting guide service alongside his brother Harry Youren.

Kidd Youren
Kidd Youren. Image Source: Instagram

Kidd is still maintaining his presence in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. Thus, there is no doubt that Kidd Youren’s earning and net worth vary in the future with his successful professional career journey. Moreover, his wife, Kelsey Helfrich, also runs her own business and has accumulated a decent net worth.

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Social Media

Unlike other casts of Mountain Men, Kidd Youren is active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He is frequently active on Facebook and Instagram, whereas he hardly uses Twitter. He joined Twitter in March 2015 but soon left using it after a month. Kidd connects with his fans and followers through his page and often posts pictures of his lifestyle and family.

Mountain Men
Kidd Youren. Image Source: Facebook

Learn about Career Details of Kidd Youren

After Dusty Youren retired from his business, Kidd handled his father’s business alongside his brothers Harry and Matt Youren. Kidd gained massive attention after appearing in the History Channel reality series Mountain Men. On 6 June 2019, the Mountain Men reality series featured Kidd and his brother Harry Youren in its eighth season. His other brother Matt Youren also appeared occasionally in the Mountain Men reality series. Kidd lived an adventurous lifestyle in the wilderness, and he has got a scar from a cougar claw. Mountain Men featured two brothers blowing up a beaver dam using explosives and surviving an ATV accident.

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Besides Mountain Men, Kidd also starred in truTV’s reality series Way Out West. It featured the lifestyle of three families, Youren, Bullock, and Korell. Sadly, it was canceled airing from truTV. Kidd is the youngest outfitted licensed holder in Idaho. Currently, he is working alongside his brother Harry Youren in Youren Outfitters. They provide a hunting guide for a better experience for the Outlanders.

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