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Eve Kilcher, Alaska The Last Frontier

On social media, Eve Kilcher often shares new photos of her family. But the Alaska: The Last Frontier star doesn’t always make it into the photos herself. Naturally, her followers who are also parents understand how that is. Many of them take photos of their own children rather than themselves.

Recently, Eve shared a gorgeous new photo of herself and she’s more dressed up. Living on the homestead, it doesn’t always make sense for her to get all dolled up. There’s plenty of work to do, so getting dressed up isn’t necessarily practical. She doesn’t always see the point in it.

But this time, she decided she’d do something a little more special than she typically does. So, she was sure to document it.

Eve Kilcher is all dressed up

On Instagram, Eve shared a photo of herself outdoors in nature. Her hair is braided and she’s wearing beautiful earrings. The snow is falling softly in front of her face.

She writes, “So in love with my new earrings 😍 from @the_stones_speak You truly make jewelry from my dreams. All inspired by the natural world of plants. I might be a Homestead mama up to my elbows in literal sh** sometimes but I also really enjoy dressing up and looking fancy. Thank you for creating earthy wearable art.”

Alaska: The Last Frontier fans think she’s fabulous

After her followers took a look at the new selfie she posted, they commented to say how lovely she looks. Here’s what a few of her followers are saying:

  • “Absolutely Gorgeous!!”
  • “Gorgeous! You and the earrings!”
  • “Beautiful!”
  • “You do have an epic earring collection!!”

Eve and her taste in jewelry are both admired by her social media followers. She’s continuing to get lots of love in the comments section of her post. Some are calling the earrings “unique” and want to get a pair for themselves.

Eve Kilcher gets Valentine’s Day flowers

To celebrate the day of love, Eve ordered flowers. Once they arrived, she shared a photo of them on Instagram. She set the flowers outside so the beautifully bright colors could pop against the white snow. Along with the photo, she wrote, “Happy Valentines Day 💝 Snow and flowers I love it! @alaskastems you’ve really outdone yourself. Thanks for bringing some color into our winter wonderland.”

It’s unclear if she ordered the flowers herself or if her husband Eivin bought them for her. Either way, fans are agreeing that they look beautiful. They love how they add a little bit of color to the bright white landscape in Alaska.

It’s likely that the bouquet also helps to make Eve feel more put together amid the chaos of running a homestead.

So, what do you think of Eve Kilcher’s new earrings? Do you love the bouquet of flowers she got for Valentine’s Day too? Leave a comment below.

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