Eve Kilcher’s Throwback Photo Shows She’s Always Been An Animal Lover

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Eve Kilcher is animal-obsessed! The Discovery Channel star is showing her fans that she’s always been an animal lover. She recently shared a throwback photo of herself with a frog as a child.

The Alaska: The Last Frontier star writes, “Throw back to little Eve kissing a frog. I was an animal lover from a very young age. I am so glad I got my handsome homesteader @eivin_kilcher instead of a handsome prince 😘” The little one has a huge smile on her face as she proudly shows the frog off to the camera.

Alaska: The Last Frontier fans think Sparrow looks like her mom

When Eve shared the photo on Instagram, fans of the family began weighing in and saying that Eve and Sparrow look identical. Some fans even thought that the photo was of Sparrow at first glance. They left comments about Sparrow before realizing that it’s not her.

They can’t believe how similar the mom and daughter look. And fans can’t stop talking about how darling Eve looks in the old photo.

On her Instagram page, Eve has shared several photos of her kids together. And fans enjoy getting to watch Sparrow grow up. In a recent photo, she’s playing outside in a pretty patterned dress. She seems to be full of energy and enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family. Though the mom and daughter have different haircuts, they have the same hair color and look very much alike.

Eve Kilcher the animal lover

In Eve’s post, she mentions that she’s always been an animal lover. Those who watch Alaska: The Last Frontier know that she’s a loving woman who likes caring for animals. On Eve’s social media page, there are plenty of photos of animals. She appears to have a special bond with the animals in her life. And she’s fostering that same love for animals in her young children too.

She recently shared a photo of her husband Eivin snuggling with the dog and cat. The family pets are definitely well-loved by the Kilcher family.

When the Kilchers first got their new dog, they shared lots of photos. The kids seemed to quickly fall in love with the puppy, Tazie.

Eve also shared a photo of Tazie getting to know a baby lamb. The two were “kissing” for a picture.

Whenever Eve shares photos of her family – whether it’s her kids or pets – she gets a good response from her followers. Her followers appear to love following along on social media so they can see whatever she chooses to share. But they especially love seeing the cute animals that are a part of the Kilcher family. They think that Eve has a great heart and admire her for caring for the animals how she does.

So, what do you think of Eve Kilcher’s throwback photo? Do you enjoy seeing her love for animals? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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