Eve Kilcher Shares Photos Of Beautiful Alaskan Landscapes

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Alaska: The Last Frontier fans love the Discovery Channel show for many reasons. One reason it’s so well-loved is that they get to enjoy the beauty of Alaska on their TV screens. So, when Eve Kilcher shared new photos of the Alaskan landscape on social media, fans were amazed.

Eve Kilcher on social media

One way that fans can keep up with the Alaska: The Last Frontier cast is via social media. Eve is one of the celebrities that’s active on Instagram. She posts regular updates about life in Alaska, her family, and more.

Because of how active she is on Instagram, she’s gained quite a few followers. She has an impressive 137,000 followers on Instagram, and it’s assumed that many of them fell in love with her on the Discovery Channel show first. Her recent photos have been capturing the attention of many of her followers. In addition to the countless comments she receives, she typically gets 4,000 to 12,000 likes on her photos.

See photos of Alaska

On Instagram lately, Eve has shared a couple of photos of the landscape in Alaska. One recent photo features herself and Eivin hiking in the mountains. There’s a body of water and more mountains behind them. She calls her husband her “adventure buddy.” With such a beautiful view, they must truly enjoy hiking and exploring together.

In another post, Eve shares a snap of the snow-covered ground with plenty of trees throughout the area. Far into the distance, there’s a snow-covered mountain that blends into the blue sky. Eve calls the landscape her “playground.” She adds that she didn’t even have to put a filter on the photo.

Another post from Eve features the sunset in the background. She’s outside in the snow with her son, Findlay, 7, and their dog. The sun is peeking through the trees as it sets.

Their dog is a Catahoula Leopard Dog named Tonsai. Eve writes that she’s going on an evening walk.

Eve Kilcher’s social media followers react to new photos

After seeing the photos that Eve decided to share, fans had a lot to say. They are in love with the landscape, and they think that Eve is lucky to live there.

Alaska: The Last Frontier fans are describing the photos as “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” and “majestic.” They hope that Eve continues to share on social media. While they love just about every photo that she posts, they really enjoy seeing the beauty of Alaska.

Eve’s Instagram page is filled with all kinds of lovely photos, so it’s likely that she will continue to share them. Fans feel that she’s very sweet and authentic, so she wants to keep her followers happy and give them a behind-the-scenes look at her life.

So, what are your thoughts on Eve Kilcher’s new photos of Alaska? Can you believe she doesn’t even use a filter on them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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